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instances of attack states seeming off

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  • instances of attack states seeming off

    When someone a-clicks near a neutral camp, the intention is to begin attacking the first target that gets into your hero's range. As far as I know EVERY game has worked this way, but in dota2 you just sort of walk up to the camp until the neutrals aggro on to you, then you begin attacking. there's been other situations where I feel like I sometimes just end up running forward when I'm sure I a-clicked during in a lane but I haven't reproduced it. doing so is useful when you know the closest creep to you is going to be the upcoming one to die, since you can a-click the floor rather than risk misclicking the actual creep

    hold position is intended to be "aggressive state with no movement". but if you have autoattack off, it works exactly as the stop command works. you lose the ability to stand at the tip point of aggression and ensure you wont extend into something like tower range for example because of this.

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    I was an avid attack-move clicker in DotA 1 and DotA 2. (Mainly because of delay ; very useful at chasing!)
    Yes I also have a feeling that attack-move in DotA 1 has a larger range for automatically attacking units than in DotA 2.
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      This is the exact same behaviour as in DotA1. Ordering an attack on ground ignores neutral creeps, unless they are aggro'd already. If they don't attack you, your units won't attack them either with agressive move command. This is intended.

      Hold position is intended to make your unit stop moving by itself. The agressive part you talk about is just auto-attack and is always there if you have it turned on. It has nothing to do with hold position command. And so of course, if you have auto-attack turned off, your units won't auto-attack after that command.
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        im aware of how it works, but it should be changed because 1. it makes no change to those with autoattack on and 2. removes the redundancy between 's' and 'h' on autoattack off. youre creating more functionality at an expense of nothing

        and yes youre rigbht about the first thing, must be a habit from a different game