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Triggered damage detection is broken

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  • Triggered damage detection is broken

    Everything that prevents, reduces, returns or amplifies damage behaves incorrectly with the other effects. The logic in dota1 was that except for a few exceptions they all acted independently and reacted to eachother. In dota 2 one either takes priority or they completely ignore eachother.

    This has heavy balance implications. Things like blademail are completely different.

    It's consistent and hasn't been fixed despite many of the interactions having been reported. Are we meant to consider this as intended?

  • #2
    so you mean, blademail reflects before the dmg is reduced by Bristlebacks passive? like 75 dmg reflected and 45 recieved by bristle at back?


    • #3
      Blade Mail is bugged in multiple ways. I don't know if this way has been pointed out before or not, but I wish awareness about Item bugs would rise compared to awareness about Hero bugs.
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      • #4
        Most likely the issue is that Dota1 triggered heals are now damage reductions.
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        • #5
          everything should act independently ie. you take damage with soul catcher, blade mail and refraction on: you take two instances, return both and block them separately.

          what happens in dota 2 is refraction takes priority, prevents the damage instance from being amplified or returned at all, one charge is drained and combat log doesn't even recognize anything happened. if there were no refraction the blademail would ignore the amplification instances and if there were multiple they would ignore eachother.


          • #6
            Read the thread linked in my signature for a full interaction list... It's very, very different. Blademail is a lot weaker for many heroes / when affected by certain abilities (aphotic shield for example).
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