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Losing a skill point at level 1/2?

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  • Losing a skill point at level 1/2?

    Often times when I play, I like to wait until I see what heroes I'm matched against in my lane before I decide how to skill-build my hero. I played 2 games today where I did just that, not using my level 1 skill point right away. The first game I was leshrac and I leveled up to level 2 before even deciding how to spend my first skill point. I noticed, however, that I only had 1 skill point at level 2, despite never using my first one. I brushed this off as a misclick or some sort of bug, and assumed that I accidentally skilled stats or something (not sure whether stats actually got skilled; I know that I didn't intentionally skill stats, but perhaps I misclicked the hotkey). Didn't think too much about it.

    Then, either the next game or the game after, I was playing sniper in a 1v2 lane, and the same thing happened; I waited to gauge my lane and opponents before spending my first skill point, and by the time I hit level 2, I only had 1 skill point to distribute. Wondering if anybody else had experienced anything similar or whether this is a known issue? I tried to reproduce the bug in practice mode, but, unfortunately, was unable to do so. I also don't know how to check game IDs or replays, but, if someone tells me or looks through my match history, you can find my last sniper/leshrac games.

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    Can somebody tell me how to find the replays? When I filter recent matches by my name, no games show up.


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      You can try to apply the filter again. Often when I'm searching no games are found the first time and only if you click filter and then apply again the games are shown.

      Also: it takes approx. 2 minutes for the games to show after finishing.


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        Thanks; this actually worked, but a bit too late, as it seems most of my earlier games were deleted, and only those played on Dec. 8th or later are showing up. I'll keep this in mind in case I come across this possible bug again though.