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Corpses and Rise Death skill from a neutral creep

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  • Corpses and Rise Death skill from a neutral creep

    I was playing enchantress and I proly went to jungle. After enchanting a creep with Rise Dead ability he summoned his skeletons near him not over corpse.

    What is more disturbing that corpses vanishes almost instantly (they last about 3s) in dota they lasted much longer so if you get Pit Lord into game he would be almost useless with such short lifespan of corpses (pun intended).

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    Well, the raise skeleton skill is a bit weird. Valve should definitely look at the coding. But the 3s duration of the skeletons sounds like a bug. Can you reproduce the bug?


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      He meant the disappearance time on Unit Corpses. This has happened to me too: farmed a neutral camp, left at around X:55 sec, the new camp spawned right after, and i'm sure the neutrals had corpses, which should of lasted more in wc3 terms. In other words, i too have found myself farming neutrals which i shouldn't be able to.( they shouldn't have spawned at all)


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        Okay i tried to reproduce this and it worked.

        Summary: Corpse disappearance time is very small.

        Repro Steps:
        a)Go in a neutral camp, kill all creeps except for one which is kept low hp.
        b)Wait untill ~X.55 sec, then kill the last creep and run away fast.

        Result: A new neutral camp spawns.

        Expected result: Killing the last creep should be done 15(?) sec before the spawn timer. I tried killing the creeps even as late as X:57 sec and the new camp still spawned.

        This can be exploited by farming ancient neutral camp and killing it right before the new one spawns, which results in ~600gold.

        You can post this in the bug forum now i guess.

        Edit #2: Searched and found this thread where roflcat says this is intented so i guess no need to talk about creepspawning further. The farming potential of ancients really worries me though.
        Last edited by Cyb3r_Dragon; 12-09-2011, 08:12 PM.


        • #5
          Also in dota1:
          changelog 6.72:
          Neutral spawn empty check no longer considers corpses in its spawn rules