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3 Swords, 2 Arms Problem

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  • bu3ny
    This is not the place to discuss such things.

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  • block
    its a minor discrepancy that could be gamchanging to implement in Dota so I can see why you suggest custom map as a test bed. I would like to see what you come up with but I cant do much more than offer feedback and direction, I dont have the time

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  • rockonrob
    Well I am not really sure what you are thinking, asking, or want, but I assume you are talking about something very similar to WC3 custom games. Buying stats (tomes), altering model according to items (troll arena? forgot the name, had that in it), and upgrading items(tons of custom games). Wait for them to release custom game support, then you and I can do that ourselves, and believe me, I will...

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  • block
    started a topic 3 Swords, 2 Arms Problem

    3 Swords, 2 Arms Problem

    mathematical philosophical brainstorming. how would dota 2 comply? I have a few ideas for long term fix.. first would have designers greatly increase work on new items, working with community greenlights. its possible in the future the crafting system could be tailored to compliance, for instance stats purchased at the shop which would upgrade the item to a new model/icon that represents item so you might have sheepstick stats inside sange/yasha for more power but holding is anatomically accurate

    How about having the workshop models exist as inventory items? Holy sales. For instance community makes a quelling blade, I can equip it and have it show up if also purchased in inventory. For instance char with 2 arms could actively hold 2. Also things like you could only wear one head piece but you could meld upgrade more efficiently. I dont know ive thought about it for 5 seconds there must be better ideas out there. I like the current game but wonder if there is any way to bring it down to earth. I do understand reasonable constraints to time and also understand how incredibly difficult this could be to pull off.
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