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Earth Spirit

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  • bu3ny
    1. Already reported.
    2. Already reported.
    3. Already reported.
    4. The cooldown tooltip in DotA1 is wrong. It says 22/20/18/16, but it actually is 22/18/14/10.

    5. Rolling Boulder both in DotA1 and Dota2 deal 90 damage without a boulder and 135 with a boulder. The tooltip in DotA1 is wrong.

    6. Already reported.
    7. Almost every position changing skill override each other in Dota2. We don't know if this is intended behaviour, but imo it's the best solution. The prioitizing is pretty much random in DotA1 and has lots of ugly visual glitches when 2 of such spells run at the same time on the same target.

    8. It does not pull units out of Chronosphere and Black Hole in Dota2.

    9. Post that in the art feedback section of this forum.

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  • pOke2
    started a topic Earth Spirit

    Earth Spirit

    There are numerous discrepancies between dota2 and regular dota.

    Boulder Smash in regular dota
    is restricted to only organic units.
    throws a cannot target message on Magic immune units
    deals its damage to the primary/pushed target at the end of the push rather than instantly
    the cooldown is 22 20 18 16 as opposed to 22 18 14 10

    Rolling Boulder in regular despite the tooltip
    deals only 90 damage even with a rock, in dota2 it seems to do the additional damage.

    Geomagnetic Grip in regular

    if you try to pull a magic immune unit it throws an error that cannot target magic immune. In dota2 whether it is naix rage or BKB it wastes the spell (mana cost/cooldown) but does not pull/stun.

    in Dota2 if you are pulling a unit and they get hit by SpiritBreaker charge (either the main target or just a unit he passed through it cancels the pull) while in regular it will stun/deal damage but the pull will persist.

    it does not pull units out of Chronosphere or Black Hole while in my experience it seemed to do so in Dota2

    More of a visual "bug" I personally cannot tell when a rock has exploded from magnetize in regular its a noticeable explosion+a model "change" while in dota2 I think it maybe looks a little more fragmented.