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Several issues with Hex

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  • Several issues with Hex

    1. Doesn't cancel orders, should cancel it unless the unit is already hexed.

    Repro steps:

    1. Pick any hero you want, I picked Slark.
    2. Pick Lion as an enemy
    3. Send Slark to X
    4. While Slark is walking, hex him

    Result: Slark will keep walking towards X
    Expected result: Slark will stop

    2. Doesn't cancel EXP gain, this one is already reported, but it's not mentioned that the EXP should still be divided as that hexed unit exists.

    3. Can be casted on summoned units, shouldn't.
    Last edited by Noo; 01-31-2014, 11:41 PM.

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    The most important one being point 3.

    Other important spells that remove Hex on DotA are:

    Abaddon Apothic Shield
    Legion Commander Press the Attack
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      Originally posted by Noo View Post

      3. Can't be removed by dispel/purge/cyclone. I tried Brewmaster's dispel, Invoker's Tornado and Diffusal Blade, none of them remove Hex in Dota 2. Dark Pact does remove it.
      You sure? All of them dispel hex for me.

      Or are you trying to dispel them from enemy?

      Enemy purge and cyclone don't remove negative buffs on enemies[read thread for clarification]
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      • #4
        Yeah, I was trying to remove it from an enemy Slark.


        • #5
          Diffusal blade dispells hex, happened at recent starladder multiple times.

          Can be casted on summoned units, shouldn't.
          As far as I remember wc3 dota, it instakilled illusions and was castable on units/summons - just as it is now.
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            Read posts #3 and #4 plus the link Igo posted

            It cannot be casted on summons, tested with Beast master.


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                Do we have to pick slark for this test?
                Or can we just pick someone else like, for example, slark?
                Would a slark also be okay?


                Just a bump


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                  Can be closed now