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Year beast game mode: which abilities are disabled?

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  • Year beast game mode: which abilities are disabled?

    Is there a list of hero abilities that don't work in this game mode? I just tried to play Wraith King in the game mode only to find out that my Vampire aura gives no healing to me or my allies and my Ulti would not only go on cooldown and yet fail to revive me, but it would also block me from using buyback.

  • #2
    This is a disrespect from Valve indeed that they disabled abilities and change map and beast characteristics without letting people know, they even fixed the Visage abuse on a global (or local) crash because they found out they are loosing too much hats. I admit using exploit to achieve items is not cool but it is developer's responsibility to fully test new maps and mods before its release.
    Now this is a a shit mod, really really hard. even if you saved ur hard earned ingots. traders are selling 150 (3000gold) ingots for at least a key. Sad ending for this event.


    • #3
      Read the changelogs...

      Only fury swipes, vampiric aura and resurection don't work. Rest works fine.

      The other changes are just bug fixes, and are obvious. What do you expect?
      Please, just call me buny.


      • #4
        I expected to mod be tested and fixed before the release. and change log went online when few hours remained.


        • #5
          Really? You expect a game to be fully bug free and perfectly balanced as soon it gets released?
          Patches can happen at any time and there is no problem with that.
          Please, just call me buny.


          • #6
            Some stuff like ursa's fury was obvious! if they asked even a 3000mmr guys, what would you pick for max constant dmg he would answer ursa! isnt it?


            • #7
              Still no reason to patch it later. It's only their own disadvantage when they don't think about such things. It's their loss.
              Please, just call me buny.


              • #8
                In fact since it is Their game, the can even take back every single item they dropped. no one can complain, but as we are assuming they want satisfied players, these acts and changes and nerfs are unprofessional. tell you what, if they started the yearbeast like what it is now, then in next round change the system to what it was at yesterday's round (without bugs, just tokens) technically they had equal loss (item loss) but people would love them! see? just changing order! thats why i believe they would benefit from a social expert Alot, to plan their events.
                Last edited by Suprano; 02-09-2014, 12:33 AM.