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Blademail vs Supernova

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  • Blademail vs Supernova

    I was in a game (Match ID: 525245581) as Nyx against a Phoenix. We were heavy on invis heroes so, anticipating detection, I built a bit unorthodox and went tanky. I had my blademail on in a teamfight near the enemy Phoenix that had used Supernova, the AoE that shoots out as he's reviving killed him immediately. I figured it made sense to a certain extent, the hero that would be receiving the reflected damage must be registered as having little or no health as its coming out of the egg. But I'm not sure if this was intended to happen or has just gone unnoticed. For 2200g you can ruin every Phoenix's hopes and dreams.

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    Cannot reporduce.


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      I tried it in a lobby, but nothing happened, so I decided to watch the replay (this moment I assume), and found that at the moment Phoenix uses Supernova, she has 46 HP, but at the time it finishes, has 58 HP, reading the combat log to see the damage returned by Blade Mail:

      [27:28.41] Phoenix hits Nyx Assassin with Supernova for 60 damage (216->156).
      [27:28.41] Nyx Assassin hits Phoenix with Blade Mail for 60 damage.
      [27:28.41] Phoenix is killed by Nyx Assassin!

      She dies because of the missing 2(3) HP, that's why when I tried it nothing happened, because Phoenix was full health.


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        So the bug here is that pheonix is not healed before the supernova ends and then can be killed by supernova against a blademail when it comes out


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          Trying it with 1 hp from Armlet worked.


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            @rafael Your link for "this moment I assume" didn't work for me, but I'm also pretty sure it happened more than once in the match.
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              @rockonrob Yeah either something along those lines, or there's something that I missed. That's why I posted the Match ID also in case anyone cares to look it over.


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                Reproduction hint: use a level 3 Phoenix ultimate - it does more damage so there's more damage to return.

                A simple fix would be to just heal Phoenix to maximum at the start of the spell. The Phoenix unit is hidden so for most purposes it doesn't matter what health it has. (The "Phoenix Sun" that appears is a different unit that starts with 100 health).
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                  My opinion would be to make the health of the Phoenix while in Supernova irrelevant, because while in supernova she already has some sort of other health, the egg health which can receive dmg. The blade mail dmg should be inflicted on the egg not on the phoenix health.
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                    Yes, what I suggested was just a quick and dirty way of making Phoenix's health irrelevant.

                    Originally posted by Florin View Post
                    The blade mail dmg should be inflicted on the egg
                    I don't think that's how it's supposed to work. Blade Mail should have no effect on the egg.
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