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Question about spaming bottle's hotkey in the fountain.

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  • Question about spaming bottle's hotkey in the fountain.

    I know using the bottle in the fountain allows you to heal faster due to the bottle's 3 second heal buff stacking with the fountain's healing.

    However, i have heard that spamming the hotkey for your bottle while you are in the fountain will make your bottle heal you for much more (much faster).

    This sounds really fake to me out of 2 reasons:

    1. The HP and Mana regen numbers (displayed in hp/mana bars for your hero) stay exactly the same regardless of do you SPAM the bottle hotkey or do you just press it once every 2.9 seconds.

    2. The bottle's healing buff does not stack with itself, and only one bottle heal buff can be active on yourself - so there can definitely be no 2 bottle heal buffs on yourself at the same time.

    Still this myth about spamming bottle in fountain being better than pressing it once (just before the buff runs out) is very wide spread - so i wanted to ask is there any actual provable truth to it?

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    nah it doesn't people just do it so they have something to do while waiting. It's the same as some starcraft players clicking on the ground literally just to keep their rhythm up.
    The world is black and white. On one side there are those who are right, complain about valve, spam unhelpfully and everyone who disapprove what you are doing are obviously valveknights.


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      Spamming it does not achieve anything. Just click once every two seconds.


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        Yeah, but you get that sound of spell/item on cd.
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          Hotkey your hero 1,2,3. Go to well. Spam 1,2,3 and your mana and hp go up faster than it would if you just stood at well.


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            Originally posted by Iamtheright1 View Post
            Hotkey your hero 1,2,3. Go to well. Spam 1,2,3 and your mana and hp go up faster than it would if you just stood at well.
            No, it does not regen faster. There is no way to speed fountain's healing up.

            OP, you got your question answered, so I close this now. If you have further questions towards this, pm me and I open it again.
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