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Wraithfire Blast's slow shouldn't be removed by MI.

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  • Wraithfire Blast's slow shouldn't be removed by MI.

    Dota 2: Slow removed my MI
    WC3: Slows persists.
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        I'd call this one a dota1 bug. It used to dispel it, until one little fix to this spell.

        It still is quite bugged in DotA1. If you like evade the projectile with for example Phase Shift, the slow and dps still gets applied after the stun would have faded.
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          Is there any slow that is dispelled by avatar in WC3? So far I haven't seen any, why should this act different?


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            Icefrog did some pretty lazy/sloppy coding here.

            Slows that are dispelled are not based on Thunder Clap (a Magical ability but Universal debuff) and don't use self-only Slow Auras. In this case, Icefrog made Hellfire Blast use a self-only Slow Aura that is triggered by any damage sourced from Skeleton King in the next six seconds...
            I mean, surely Icefrog by now realizes the consequences of using these undispellable triggered methods? Is this his response to avoiding identical-base Slows dispelling each other? Yet Icefrog knows how to detect Spell Immunity by now, so this could be fixed...

            It is difficult to read into his intentions here (but I'm pretty sure Radiance triggering the Slow shouldn't be intended).

            Random dispellable slow example: Spirit Lance.


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              Usually slows based on Cripple (spirit lance, grave chill, requiem) and on slow (Chakram, Earth Splitter, Electric Vortex(on Storm), Enchant, Overload, Psionic Traps, Rod of Atos, Shiva's Guard, Shrapnel, Stifling Dagger, Torrent, Upheaval, Void) are dispellable.
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