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Omnislash Calculations

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  • Omnislash Calculations

    Helly everybody =)

    I made an spreadsheet to calculate the best item after phase+agha:

    The problem... This guy here ( got somewhat 800 Damage with Agha + Phase and 2'000 damage with Butterfly/Mjollnir - But i get 620 with agha/phase and 1'300ish with bf/mjollnir. His link was on reddit too but nobody mentioned any errors... Even if you look at the numbers without proccs, his calcs give a much higher damage.

    So now my question: Who has the wrong numbers?

    My Formula (Level 16 Jugg with Agha and Phase, Level 3 Ult and 1x Stats):

    Omnislash data:
    - min_damage: 200
    - max_damage: 225
    - slash_count: 12
    - slash_time: 0.4 sec

    - Level: 16; Phaseboots and Aghanim's Scepter; Level 3 Ultimate and 1x Stats
    - BAT: 1.4
    - Damage: 98+26 (with items)
    - IAS: 164+10 (with item | 100 = one attack every 1.4)

    - bf_agi: 30
    - bf_ias: 30
    - bf_damage: 30

    - mj_ias: 80
    - mj_damage: 24
    - and 25% chance to proc a 150 damage lightning

    amount of autoattacks during ultimate (attack_count) =
    floor( ((slash_count-1) x slash_time) / ( (BAT x 100) / ( ias + bf_ias + bf_agi) ) )
    floor( ((12-1) x 0.4) / ( (1.4x100) / (164+10+30+30) ) )
    floor( (11x0.4) / (140/234) )
    = 7

    bonusdamage during ult with autoattack =
    attack_count x ( damage + bf_agi + bf_damage )
    7 x 184
    = 1288 Damage

    Same with Mjollnir => 1036 Damage without Proc
    So i took the amount of autoattacks (7 again) and calculated this:
    7 x ( 150 damage x ( 25% chance ) ) = 262.5 Damage (average)
    = 1298.5 Damage

    My numbers are ~700 damage below his (assuming vs. one single target)...

    I don't know what i'm doing wrong, i'd be really happy if somebody could help me with the omnislash-calcs

    greetings and thanks in advance

    p.s.: one thing i figured out so far... his base damage and agi (->ias) are one point higher than mine (because of rounding) - but that can't be it... the difference is just too small O_o

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    Did you count Blade Dance in there yet?
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      Crits are missing...


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        Head vs Table...

        Completely missed his other skills...

        Thank you guys ^.^'