First off, i started this thread on Misc section because there was no suitable subforum, but it seems to be filled with off topic discussions only.

I tested con_filter_enable and echo commands, and I can't get the expected behavior like in other source game.

Using this code;

developer 1
con_filter_enable 2
con_filter_text "!--"
contimes 8
con_notifytime 3

//When in game I uses
echo "!--1 Line"
echo "!--2 Line"
echo "!--3 Line"
echo "!--4 Line"
will output this (Note that i tried using /n as newline, but that doesn't work too);

Turning con_filter_enable to 0 will enable echo in multiple lines, but will output other info and alerts as well like this.

The expected behavior is supposed to be like the text in the upper left corner (CS: Go) [Click to enlarge]