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Stasis trap different to DotA 1

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  • Stasis trap different to DotA 1

    Is it intended, that stasis traps are less likely to stun than in DotA 1? If you have normal boots and run straight through a stasis trap it would stun you in DotA 1. In DotA 2 however you will leave the stun range before it goes off. So the delay time and/or the stun range and/or the trigger radius did change from DotA 1 to DotA 2. I could not find any change notes, so i'm not sure, if this is a bug, or an intended nerf of the stasis trap.
    Due to this it is nearly impossible to stun someone with a stasis trap if he doesn't stop moving. That's why this difference is really annoying to me.
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    I also noticed this. Maybe the intervals in DotA 1 are longer which causes the 2 second delay to not be exact (like aura application or removal intervals).


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      I did some time measurement. Of course using a stopwatch and looking at the screen is not very accurate, but it seems to me that the time between planting the stasis trap next to a creep and the stun is pretty much the same in DotA 1 and 2. So i guess it is related to a unit entering the trigger range. That means either the trigger radius is wrong (which i doubt), or the point in time at which a unit inside the trigger radius is detected, as crinckle suggests.


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        well it is possible that there is a detection delay for units entering the AoE similar to Chrono Sphere's entrance delay.
        Finally decided to "transition" to dota 2. Still does not like moving.


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          Originally posted by Clogon View Post
          well it is possible that there is a detection delay for units entering the AoE similar to Chrono Sphere's entrance delay.
          Now that you mentioned Chronosphere, did you guys notice that it uses the same visual effects like Chronosphere? It gives affected unit that strange blue-ish flickering skin and it freezes their animations.
          Please, just call me buny.


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            yeah but unless it disables evasion, I don't think the animation tells us much.
            Finally decided to "transition" to dota 2. Still does not like moving.


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              I tried to determine the speed which is neccessary to pass the trap without being stunned. In DotA 2 you need around 335. For the latest version of DotA 1 it turns out that the trigger delay for units entering the trigger range varies a lot. The official delay of two seconds might be more like an upper bound. Sometimes the trap manages to stun units with a movement speed of over 400. I therefore now assume that the timings in DotA 2 are mostly correct and the traps in DotA 1 randomly stunning earlier than expected is the bug. However to approach the DotA 1 behaviour i would suggest to lower the trigger delay of stasis traps in DotA 2.
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                Well now 6.82 increased detection AoE to 450 so there is no reason to decrease the delay anymore.


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                  That of course closes the issue. But i don't know if i like that change. A small radius makes sure, that you cannot escape the trap, once you are too close. And a big radius could cause many unfortunate triggerings.