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Sanity Eclipse scepter condradiction on higher INT targets then OD.

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  • Bogdanov89
    OD's aghanims is already kinda lame - it should be changed so that it ALWAYS (really always) drains the mana, regardless of intellect.

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  • gtAngel
    Found this recently, so it's definitely still bugged.

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  • Noo
    Was this changed?

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  • hoveringmover
    I didn't claim that there wasn't a contradiction. I claimed that there is a contradiction because of a lack of understanding of the mechanics. Coming from a developer's perspective, OD will always have more intelligence than his opponents. Therefore, always is accurate in their mind. An incompetent developer does not consider that an enemy Pugna might have the same items as the OD, or that a Silencer may be wrecking the OD's entire team, or that OD might not build intelligence items while his opponents do, or some more rare circumstance such as a Slark stealing too much essence. The alternative is that IceFrog's English is so bad he doesn't know what the word 'never' means. I prefer to assume that this is a description error made by someone that isn't as familiar with the attributes of the heroes, but I left that assumption implied instead of spelling it out until this post.
    Last edited by hoveringmover; 10-26-2014, 12:21 PM.

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  • bu3ny
    It always went through bkb

    And how can you say "Clearly what is meant" when it's not clear at all, and your intepretation fits less to "always" than anything else. It's not hard at all to say that it always drains mana from all damaged units, instead of only saying it always drains mana.

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  • hoveringmover
    English has never been a strong point for IceFrog, but not knowing what never means is pretty silly.

    Clearly what is meant is that if a target doesn't have high enough Intelligence to have their mana drained, that's when they take magical damage. With the new upgrade, their low Intelligence will cause them to also have their mana drained. So basically, it's more important than ever to have high Intelligence. However, you can get your mana drained if you have it. This upgrade seems to be focusing on making his ultimate more effective for crippling heroes that would already take a lot of damage. Cut off their mana pool, and they should be sitting ducks should they survive the damage burst.

    What I want to know from the experienced players is, does the mana drain cut through the magic/spell immunity or not? If it does, that hints strongly that IceFrog simply wants OD to have a way to punish teams that think they can buy multiple BKBs and try to make him burn Astral Imprisonment early.
    Last edited by hoveringmover; 10-26-2014, 08:23 AM.

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  • bu3ny
    "always" sounds for me it should.

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  • Sanity Eclipse scepter condradiction on higher INT targets then OD.

    Here is a deal:

    The Sanity Eclipse states:

    "If an enemy hero has the same or higher Intelligence than Outworld Devourer, Sanity's Eclipse has no effect. "

    However, 6.82 update states that:

    "Aghanim's Scepter Sanity's Eclipse now always triggers the mana drain"

    So the dilemma is should it trigger mana burn on higher INT targets??? It currently does not.