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'teammates' shouldn't have item control while a player is d/c

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  • Zimek
    It is rather hard to deal with, even from the reporting standpoint. I was, of course, d/c at the time; I have no idea who it was that destroyed the items, which makes reporting someone rather tricky, unless they confess. In my case, they didn't, so I still don't know exactly who was responsible. For the record, they also suicided me into roshan, but I can't think of a good way to prevent that :/. I was confused about whether my items had been sold because I seemed to have a lot more gold than I remembered having before d/c, but I may have just not been paying close enough attention. I can say that any extra gold didn't come from the team dropping towers, as we were getting stomped.

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  • desufin
    The game doesn't allow you to sell allied items until they have gotten an 'Abandon' in which case they become sellable and the player gold gets distributed evenly between the remaining allies and will continue to do so until you reconnect. It's possible that the game doesn't block you from dropping the items before the 5minutes pass but I don't see why anyone would go that far to destroy another ally's items as there is absolutely no benefit for his team to do so and instead should just be reported for griefing and dealt with accordingly.

    Edit: I do agree that items should be blocked from being dropped until 5min does pass though, just until then report griefers for griefing
    Last edited by desufin; 12-29-2011, 05:37 PM.

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    Agreed with blocking items at least from dropping until 5 minutes time mark.

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  • Zimek
    nope, i spent my time between DotAs playing LoL. I just figured that the 5 min timer meant you couldn't reconnect after that time, havent yet exceeded it personally.

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  • Managor
    I do agree. Once farmed a tarrasque, had a modem outtake and reconnected after 1 min to find that my whole inventory was gone.

    And to correct, you still can reconnect after 5 mins but you still get the abandon. I guess you've played hon

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  • 'teammates' shouldn't have item control while a player is d/c

    I was recently playing a game and I disconnected, fixed my internet problems, and reconnected a minute later. (the reconnect system works great btw, hasn't bugged out on me yet). Unfortunately, when I reconnected, I discovered that one of my so-called teammates had sold or destroyed all of my items. I can see why it would very rarely be a good idea to give item control when a player is d/c, but honestly, 5 minutes isn't that long. It's not going to be game-breaking if the d/c player can't buy items for that 5 min.

    I would suggest that you disallow item interaction while a player is d/c. After that 5 min, when there is no option to re-connect, it can be enabled. It can also be enabled (if technically possible) for any players that queued in a party with the d/c player.

    It's just too easy for immature players to abuse the current method and screw over their teammate, as happened to me. Sure, they can be punished after the fact, but in this case, it'd be much easier to just block it from the start.