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Pudge Dismember Behavior

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  • Pudge Dismember Behavior

    Whenever you cast dismember as pudge there is a very odd sort of delay that occurs. Pudge is unable to cast rot while the dismember beginning animation is occurring. When hooking a hero and attempting to cast dismember on the hooked hero while it is being hooked, not only does pudge not cast dismember when he is in range, he will follow the hero you casted it on without attacking for a short time, which is long enough to let the hero out of rot range or cast a spell themselves.

    1) get pudge to level 6 at least
    2) hook a hero and cast dismember on that hero while it is being hooked
    3) pudge will eventually dismember the hero, but it is delayed
    4) attempt to cast rot while dismember is just beginning

    Result: The hero that is being dismembered easily has enough time to walk out of rot range and/or cast a spell before dismember actually begins. When attempting to dismember after a hook pudge will follow the target hero without attacking or casting dismember for a short time. Rot does not begin while the dismember animation is beginning.

    Pudge should be able to hook a hero and dismember it immediately when it is in range after the hook, the hero that is hooked should not have time to cast a spell or move out of rot range. Rot should be able to be cast at any time, even when pudge is beginning his dismember animation. You may be forced to press the rot hotkey twice if you try to rot while the dismember animation is beginning, this leads to a loss of damage as well as confusion of whether rot is actually on or off.

    Interesting: When hooking and dismembering a neutral creep this issue does not occur, i assume it is because enemy heroes attempt to run away while neutral creeps don't move but attack pudge when he attempts to dismember

  • #2
    This happens to me all the time. I have to press Rot so many times to make sure it's on. Makes me look like a noob D:


    • #3
      ye man i raged so much about this to a friend, and he said i'm just not used to pudge in DotA2


      • #4
        I've noticed this more and more too. I wish there was a more immediately apparent audio cue for Rot, since pudge won't call out using it when he's hooking or dismembering.


        • #5
          I ran into a cool bug where I was ~600 units away while trying to dismember, and he (razor, I think?) went up a hill, and because i hit dismember like the moment he was in vision it landed, 600 units away.

          I haven't been able to (or tried to) reproduce this, but I know for a certainty I was well without of the intended dismember range.


          • #6
            Yeah I feel like im mashing the rot key right when im trying to dismember, only to have it not work... then it turns on, but i was hitting the key so i turn it off...

            That little delay where it can't be turned on, and the little delay when i sometimes have to reclick an ult on a hero because it didn't grab him right when he was on me...


            • #7
              +1 this has to change i guess but its not seems like a bug they wont be focusing on this until the game actually come out.


              • #8
                Not to mention that it's not that easy to notice if your rot is turned on or not.
                In DotA1, rot had a huge sound and a bright animation... sometimes I'have to pay way too much attention to see if I have rot on or not.


                • #9
                  thought it was just me. definitely worth looking into!
                  TY Playdota, ICEFROG for my key.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by kolt View Post
                    Not to mention that it's not that easy to notice if your rot is turned on or not.
                    In DotA1, rot had a huge sound and a bright animation... sometimes I'have to pay way too much attention to see if I have rot on or not.
                    This. Rot is so subtle now, you have to really pay attention. Which is not what I want my attention on.


                    • #11
                      I know what you mean, i have been hit by electric vortex after using blink dagger, go figure...

                      couldn't repro it either.


                      • #12
                        I have noticed issues with dismember "catching" late as well. Not sure about the rot issue because, well, it's almost impossible to tell. I'm gonna post in the board about rot effects, and I recommend everyone else do so as well.


                        • #13
                          Posted feedback on this a thousand of times already, should be fixed.


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                            • #15
                              pudge is my favourite hero in d1 as well as in d2. i noticed this quite fast.
                              rot often doesnt deactivate after u killed some1 with your ult. i rage at this all the time taking 50-150 (lvl4) extra damage in a short amount of time sucks (especially if you killed some1 with low hp left).
                              hooking and dismembering heroes like mirana and morphling is extremly hard because dismember seems to have an delay.
                              there is another strange behaviour:
                              if u hook tiny and he stuns u immediately while you tried to dismember him you will automatically dismember him afterwards even if that command should have been canceled.

                              PS: its really hard to see if rot is on or off. the symbol doesnt change enough and its hard to see on your hero in a teamfight. if it would work as fluently as in d1 or hon where u just press it once it would be alright.