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Tiny toss to high ground on level one.

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  • Tiny toss to high ground on level one.

    Match ID : 1607463633
    I remember there was a thing about rubrick using telekinesis to lift you high ground, which if I'm not mistaken was patched out. Well the same abuse can be achieved with the tiny toss at level one.
    The match starts normal with everyone rushing to the bounty runes, and me and tiny at the top rune, he tosses me to the radiant high ground by their secret shop, which is bad enough but they were 3-person stack and had a lion earth spiking me, preventing me from teleporting for like 6 min. Eventually I just managed to get away, but their anti mage was trying for an easy kill when I finaly got sentry's to deal with enemy wards.

    Edit; I missed the purpose thread, I don't know if this was in dota1, but the fact that it still ruins the game for a player and effectively makes the game 4v5 is still a problem.
    Last edited by DragonLost; 07-04-2015, 07:11 PM.

  • #2
    cliffing is allowed tactic.
    wc3 dota has dozen of regions where unit cannot be placed to by Rubick, vacuum or black hole. and even there no any checks for toss
    Trying to reborn old WC3 Doto


    • #3
      cliffing is fine, just not level one with the other team stopping your TPs for 5-10 min.


      • #4
        That doesnt make a difference. Cliffing is cliffing, regardless of level or at what time.
        Please, just call me buny.


        • #5
          I disagree, it takes forever for enough passive gold, and base courier just to reach you, and when the other team makes efforts to interrupt the TP for however many times they feel like, it utterly ruins the game for that player. Games shouldn't be won/lost because of a level one skill at 00:00. One toss and a few interrupts makes a situation where its entirely reasonable to just abandon the game and wait a little longer for the next match where you can actually play and contribute to the victory of your team.


          • #6
            you can find all discussions here
            and earlier, using google

            there are totally no signs that devs are against cliffing or its forbidden mechanic so far
            Trying to reborn old WC3 Doto