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Is This a Pathing Bug or Player Error?

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  • Is This a Pathing Bug or Player Error?

    I ran into this earlier today and I wasn't quite sure if this was a bug or human error.

    Here is a link to the video which shows the situation. Below I try and describe it.

    Earthshaker Fissures and almost gets a complete block off. Enemy Naga Siren squeezes between cliff and fissure and gets out. Antimage and Earthshaker chase through the same path but Antimage appears to get stuck and can't go through.

    The question is why does AM get stuck but Naga gets through? After AM gets stuck he click a few times to try and move but doesn't go anywhere (presumably because ES is blocking behind and something is stopping them from going forward). Does clicking on the other side of fissure have something to do with it?

    Are models different sizes with regards to pathing?

    I think there is a setting you can do to force the hero to move toward the cursor without trying to path around anything. Just so we are clear here, I do not have this set as the rest of the game functioned normally.

    The other possibility is that AM issued a stop command. Is that something that's recorded in the replays as well?

    Match ID 1615354139
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    Naga Siren has a smaller collision size. It's not a bug.

    All heroes have a collision size of 24 (you can imagine it as a circle centered on your hero), except for Naga Siren, Lycan and Phantom Lancer who have a collision size of 8. This means they can fit through smaller gaps than any other hero can.
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      Cool. Thanks!