Pretty sure it's a bug, but I can't willfully reproduce it; it is like an involuntary action.

Match 1656192698

I'm WD. Watch my mouse from player perspective, starting right at the beginning of the game.
At random points during the game, starting from the initial spawn in fountain, my mouse jumps down to bottom right and fortifies. It probably cost us the game, as we had no glyph to use when we needed it. The guilt of knowing the command came from you, even though you didn't send it... I thought at first it might be something malicious, but I realized it was happening even when the glyph was on cooldown- my mouse cursor would snap to the bottom right of the screen as if it was "resetting". I ran malware bytes just in case, and came up clean, so I don't think it's anything running in the background.

I never experienced this in source 1 dota, and it hasn't happened outside of dota, so I'd like to believe it's Reborn related.

Happened again this morning, match 1657660595. I'm Dazzle. It's at the 14 and 24 minute mark.