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Tower Aggro

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    Tower aggro seems, to me, to be the same as dota 1. I'll try to explain as best I can..

    Tower will do an "aggro check" where it will choose a target when:
    A) Current target dies
    B) Hero forces an aggro check by attacking (read: not casting on) an enemy hero*. The hero must be within 500 range of tower to force an aggro check by the tower (That is, there will still be an aggro check, and creeps that you are within 500 range of will retarget, but the tower will not if you are outside 500 units range)

    Next the tower chooses a target. In order of first to last target: (not 100% sure on this, but confident)
    1) Enemy (from tower's prospective) hero attacking friendly hero
    2) Creeps attacking friendly hero
    3) Creeps attacking tower
    4) Other targets in range
    So if there are any priority 1 targets it will choose one of those (by proximity), else it will check for priority 2.
    In each category it will first check proximity, then if there are multiple in range it is random.

    Important note: There is a buffer period of sorts (2s I think?) where another aggro check can not be made. This means if you attack an enemy hero at, say 550 range from tower it will not retarget to you and you will enter the buffer period, in which you can run inside the 500 range, and still attack enemy heroes without triggering another retargeting.
    This may explain why people are reporting not being target while inside tower range.

    EDIT: *Not 100% sure of the details on how to force an aggro check, but this is also why attacking friendly creeps will get the tower to stop attacking you.
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      Can I get some hard clarification on these?

      1. Towers will attack you if you get in range with no closer units. If you become untargetable, say with storm spirit ult, will the tower switch aggro off of you?

      2. Towers will attack the first unit to come in range, keep attacking until it's dead if nothing else happens.

      3. Towers will attack you if you right click an enemy hero when you are in range. If you right click and you are blinded or cancel the animation, will the tower still attack you?

      4. Towers will NOT attack you if you are in range and use a spell on an enemy hero. Is this right?

      5. Towers will attack the nearest unit, if multiple units are tied for range then will it attack a random unit that is tied for range. I have heard if multiple units are tied it will attack the lowest health one, this is wrong though right?

      6. If you are being attacked by tower and you force attack an allied creep, the tower will stop attacking you and start attacking the closest creep. Two things that I have heard are that the tower will attack same unit you force attacked, which I've heard is wrong, and the other thing I've heard is that if you are being targeted by tower you can force attack units even if they are above the deny threshold, such as an allied creep over 50% health, I've heard this is true. Does this work with allied heroes, creeps, and wards? How about neutral creeps?

      7. If an allied hero/creep is being attacked by a tower and you force attack that hero/creep, tower aggro will switch onto you. You can force attack units being targeted by the tower even when they are above the deny threshold. I've heard this is true for Dota 1, has this been implemented in Dota 2 yet?

      8. Towers will prioritize creeps/heroes, then mechanical units/wards. Is this true?


      • #48
        1. Yes, I probably should have included that it retargets when the current dies OR becomes untargetable
        2. They will keep attacking until a new aggro check or this target becomes untargetable
        3. Some people in this thread claim this is the case (i.e. it is a bug) but it's not something I've noticed
        4. It will prioritize you last for casting a spell. If anything is attacking anything else inside the attack range you will not be chosen.
        5. I'm almost certain that it targets random and that the lowest health is a widespread misconception.
        6. When you attack the ally (I know that it works on heroes and creeps, not sure about neutrals, wards, etc.) it forces another aggro check. It does not necessarily target the nearest creep but that is often the case. It goes through the same process I describe above. The target you choose can have any amount of life, does not need to be deniable. (However, keep in mind this will not work if you are in the 'buffer' period)
        7. I'm not 100% on this one. When you order the attack it will definitely trigger an aggro check, so if there are several possible targets, a hero running away would no longer be under attack. However, I don't know how it would prioritize you (the attacking hero). Say if there were 2 heroes running from a tower, if one was under attack and the other one (inside aggro range but further from tower) 'attacked' him, I don't know who would become the next target.
        8. Yes, I believe so.


        • #49
          I have an impression after playing Venomancer for a long time that I never get towers' aggro by attacking it's allied hero within the range as long as there is something for the tower to attack. But when I siege the tower I sometimes get hit by it very hard even if I'm not the nearest unit (again, I'm Venomancer, a ranged unit) or there are some allied heroes or creeps and I didn't start to attack it before anything else did. On the other hand, if I got ganked under my allied tower I never experienced a protection from it if there are creeps for it to attack.