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Mutually exclusive situations happening in Dota2?

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  • Mutually exclusive situations happening in Dota2?

    A kinda rare occurrence in dota2 is that certain two events both happen at the same time, while it should not be possible.

    One example is an AAparation's Ice Blast directly hitting an enemy hero with it's main AOE damage nuke just as that hero was blinking away.
    The enemy hero blinked away, but still took full nuke (as well as DoT) damage from the AA's ult.
    As far as i understand it, the Ice Blast's nuke should have disabled the blink dagger (thus no blink) - or the blink should have moved the hero out of danger from Ice Blast (no damage or debuff).

    Another example is when a Bane is casting his Fiend's Grip on an enemy hero who is using Town Portal Scroll.
    The end result was that the enemy hero successfully teleported away BUT was still in the Fiend's Grip (which caused his death).
    Fiend Grip's "cast point" (0.53) successfully finished (it caught the enemy hero) so the teleport should never have happened - or the teleport finished before the cast point of FGrip, and the hero should have been safe.

    A similar example would be when a Legion Commander uses her Duel on a hero that has almost teleported away - sometimes the hero would teleport away AND be under the effect of the Duel (half a map apart from LC).
    Quite a few of these events can be seen on youtube in series like "fails of the week" on dotacinema.

    In all cases it seems to me that only ONE of those events should have happened, since they are mutually exclusive.
    I don't understand what causes these weird situations, but they do look like nasty game-affecting bugs to me.
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    Tp scrolls and Travel Boots have a bug. There is a tiny gap between end of channeling and the actual movement of the tp. It is not "things happening at the same time", the gap is more than big enough.

    As for the iceblast/blink thing, give a match ID with timestamp of it happening please.
    Please, just call me buny.


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      Originally posted by bu3ny View Post
      Tp scrolls and Travel Boots have a bug. There is a tiny gap between end of channeling and the actual movement of the tp. It is not "things happening at the same time", the gap is more than big enough.
      so the unit ends channelling but still have not moved yet? and will move shortly? and then it gets cought in feind grip, but because channelling was not interrupted it still goes? lol

      which one is shorter than intended or longer?: the channeling or teleportation?