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Serious bug from AXE Berserker's Call

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  • Serious bug from AXE Berserker's Call

    Someone tried to use this bug in ladder games. So it should be fixed asap.

    Heroes: axe and morphling(with scepter), or 2*axe just for test.

    Mophling use hybird to make a clone of axe,
    1- If the clone casts berserker's call to enemy heroes first and then axe also casts it before the debuff ends, enemy heroes will lose control and attack the clone until one of both died.

    2- If axe casts it first and then the clone , enemy heroes will totally lose control, forced to attack axe "forever", even if axe died(they will stuck there, wait for axe back to life and continue to attack. Unless enemy heroes died.)

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    Tested this in a lobby, the second point. It is pretty funny and does work. Spawned 5 heroes, called them all with the clone, then with Axe. The 5 heroes all lost control and started tunneling Axe, they could not perform any actions, moving or casting, whatever. After Axe died, they stopped in place, unable to do anything still. The moment Axe respawned, they all started flocking to the fountain to start attacking him again. When I called them for a second time and the call duration expired, they were no longer locked.
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      It's because of the change to how buffs/debuffs are sourced.

      Before, when re-casting a spell, it only refreshed the duration, no matter who re-cast it. For example, if you used Ion Shell as Rubick on the same creep as Dark Seer did, you would spend mana to refresh his Ion Shell. Now, when you re-cast a spell it also updates the source.

      As of now, this source update causes 2 malfunctions I know of: Nightmare (the ability doesn't switch back from the sub-spell to the main spell) and Berserker's Call. I'm sure there are more spells which have issues like this now.

      This can also be abused with Batlle Hunger's Self buff and with Bane's Nightmare.
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        Morphling's Axe illusion bug

        As the thread name states the bug happens when Morphling makes an illusion of Axe and then uses Berserker's Call. The illusion dies but the heroes caught in the call keep going after Axe trying to right click him.
        You can't use your items, even though you can still buy them, can't use spells, reconnect doesn't work, DOTA restart doesn't work.
        When Axe dies you stand in one place and can't do anything, when he spawns you continue rushing towards him trying to right click him. And of course when people are aware of this bug they win games by getting at least 3 people bugged out and then blinking into trees with axe. The only thing that gets you unstuck is death, but of course they won't kill you...

        This has been actually found on 28.3.2016 and I'm surprised it hasn't been resolved yet at it can be easily used to grind ranked matches.

        Link where if found out more info:

        Screenshot of the lost game, devs feel free to download the replay and take a peak:


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          id of the game №2298512537 The gamers could manage Rashan.


          • #6

            Please see the match №2299601787 ,follow for morphling.


            • #7
              [Bug Abuse] Heroes never stop following Axe

              Just had a match (match ID 2299731678) against a 2 man stack who are abusing the Morphling/Axe illusion bug.
              Q4 (STEAM_0:0:77985522) and Nestea (STEAM_0:1:153909368) also have another game (match ID 2299661903) where they abused the bug in ranked matchmaking

              I found more about this bug here and here.

              I hope this gets fixed fast
              rip 24 mmr


              • #8
                abuse axe morph

                if its possible plese take action against these bug abusers match id 2299795920.. Their team do nothing against that. Will be thankfull.20160417011048_1.jpg


                • #9
                  You should send a private message to a moderator if your complaint is about an exploit, what exactly was the abuse? reply to me in private message, it's better to avoid spreading this type of information.
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                  • #10
                    You should delete your information about the bug, more people will use this exploit if they read this. Quickly, remove the specifics.
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                    • #11
                      Hide all the specifics in your post, we don't want anyone else finding this exploit.
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                      • #12
                        Bug also appeared in mach (ID:2300696706) on 17:45.


                        • #13
                          It is too late Shitty Wizard. Reddit knows.


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                            Its in the forum rules dunce. Either you do it or a mod will do it for you.
                            I guard the rear.


                            • #15
                              I just had this bug, I'm so pissed off, you have to give back my mmr!!! match id 2301095867
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