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Omnislash gets fewer attacks in between slashes when auto attack is disabled

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  • Omnislash gets fewer attacks in between slashes when auto attack is disabled

    I was playing a game earlier and seemed to be doing a lot less damage when I would Omnislash than I expected to (Having an S&Y, Butterfly, and Battle Fury), despite doing fairly significant damage while normal right clicking. We ultimately lost that game, and while reviewing the footage, I noticed that I also was not clearing creep waves as quickly as I should have, and it turns out that I was not attacking as much between attacks because I do not have auto attack after spell turned on. I did some tests with this to make sure, and it's fairly consistent. Here are some crappy gifs just as an example, where I had a friend spawn 25 treants and saw how my omnislash effected them with a battlefury, 5 moonshards, and a moonshard I ate:

    With auto attack enabled:

    With auto attack disabled:

    The results are not exactly that every time (Jugg is inherently unpredictable because of his crit) but it is consistent that with auto attack, it kills almost all the creeps, and without, it kills almost none of them.

    I feel fairly confident this didn't happen before the spring cleaning update, since I never used to have problems doing damage with Juggernaut. It appears to be related to the new settings, somehow. I have never been a huge Jugg player, though, so it's possible that I just didn't notice before, and maybe it's intended, but it definitely feels bad to lose a game because I don't want my hero trying to push the wave because I tried to deny a creep who wasn't quite there yet.

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    why dont you do the same test but withought leveling critical strike? if you want damage item maybe get divine rapier or something instead of relying on RNG. what would you find if you did that? still less damage? (the test you made could be just due to RNG)


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      Well, I didn't just run it once, I ran it 10+ times on each, with the same results each time. Technically possible for that to be the case, but it seems unlikely that it would do that every time. But yeah, you're right, it could technically be just RNG happening as such 10 times in a row. I'll run it without the crit and see what happens. Tomorrow...

      I don't want to get a damage item like rapier because if I need it so that he will kill it with auto attack, but it needs to survive without. I'll have to play with it for a while. (Note though, that there is still some RNG, since he'll face an unknown direction after each slash, and that seems to affect how many in between attacks he gets).


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        Dota2Critic is right thought. Crit makes this test rather unreliable and cleave also makes it worse.

        I used a level 25 Juggernaut with 6 Moon Shards (one used) to get the attack speed up and one Divine Rapier to make the difference noticeable. The target was a level 25 Pudge with 6 HoTs so he can easily survive it. Pudge had 8459 max health.
        I ordered a level 3 Omnislash and checked Pudges health in the combat log afterwards (to ignore hits that happend from the auto attack afterwards).

        With auto attack on: 2598 2580 2572 Average: 2583
        With auto attack off: 2551 2557 2532 Average: 2546

        1.5% difference on average after 3 tests is imo expected (considering damage ranges and regen). You can do more tests if you want but I'm quite sure that there's no difference between auto attack on and off. I ALWAYS got 2 hits between each jump in my tests.
        If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.


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          Hmm. That's very interesting. It does appear that I am actually getting the same attacks between hits with each setting (For some reason I didn't think to just check the log initially...). That just makes it very strange that, after testing it 10+ times, I got the same results each time when I changed the setting, and even when I would attack move on the ground. I bet he was auto attacking after the omnislash ended, and I just didn't notice because moonshards make him attack so quickly it seemed to be still in omnislash. That would explain the consistency of the results without relying on random chance.

          Neat though, no bug, move along. Just lost cuz I sucked.