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Possible Spring Cleaning Update Bugs

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  • Possible Spring Cleaning Update Bugs

    I am not the only one apparently having these issues as people on the Steam Dota 2 Discussion forum are complaining about them too. My game worked fine on my beefy Windows 7 Home Ultimate x86 (and my Windows 7 x64 Laptop) before the 2016 Spring Cleaning update. After my game updated everything seemed fine until the bugs started. My heros I have stored in my favorite hero selection will sometimes not appear marked as a fav and the fav filter will be empty. It will also not let me add heros that were previously marked even though they appear unmarked but will let me mark heros that were never in my fave filter. The only way to get around this is turning of the computer (sometimes that doesent even work) or deleting the cache in the game folder only for the problem to come back upon next restart of the game. It only affected my gaming computer at first but then spread to my laptop so it is not computer related. This needs to be fixed.

    Next issue is Hero Statistics not appearing when directly looking at them on the hero's bio in game. This is random and happens on its own will usually after a match is played while having the hero's statistics in the background. Sometimes all you get in place of the stats is "--" or the stats from the last hero viewed become sticky and replace all the other hero's stats with its stats. This goes for KDA charts as well and will not update the numerical data when hovering over different matches. This can be fixed by restarting the game but is annoying and should be fixed.

    Hero suggested item builds reset when entering hero into demo mode. I hate having to go through my build and redo it after demoing the hero, like WTF Valve. It seems that demo mode screws up your saved build (or you thought it was saved but I guess your being lied to) and resets it to valves default build.

    (Newest issue found on 4/7/16) Now another issue has occurred where you can only view one persons profile stats while waiting for loaders. You click on the person and it will show their stats such as rampages, triple kills, and courier kills. Then if you go back to the loading screen and click on a different person the stats will be blank for no apparent reason. This issue does not occur when viewing other profiles from the main menu and is only limited to the loading screen.

    These issues never happened to me until AFTER spring cleaning update. Probably connected to it, coincidence or just ironic that all the update did was make bugs for me instead of fix any (which i did not have any before).
    Last edited by kraftkirby; 04-08-2016, 05:41 AM. Reason: New issue came up