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Help! Help!! Group control is a mess

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  • Help! Help!! Group control is a mess

    Hello guys!
    I am not sure if anyone have met the same problem as me before.
    The Group control system seems to keep making mistakes for me. Everytime i build a Helm of the dominator, I got problems. I always set my hero, e.g. Sven, to be Group 4, the dominated creep to be Group 3, my courier to be group 2. I am only using group 3 for stacking ancientsn (at 52 seconds of every minute and later let them return). However, after a 25 minutes gameplay, the grouping starts to be a mess. I realise sometime even I am not clikcing on group 3, the dominated creep would come to a certain place, which i didnt even click on group 3 or cast a move. This happens more and more often after minute 25 and the dominated creep in group 3 will never be under control after minute 40 and it just goes anywhere it wants.
    My roomate once said this is not a mistake of Dota, it is my miss-click on keyboard. 1 hour ago, she was sitting beside me, watching my micros and how the dominated creep was moving. She was surprised that even only Sven was chosen, the creep would move by itself. Later on, she asked me not using group 3 for stacking anymore and reset Sven to be group 4. However, the creep moved by itself at least !!!5 times!!! without any movement orders. My roomate helped me watching my micros, she was pretty sure that the Sven is the only unit that i targeted since 30 min but the creep moved by itself for several times.
    I fixed this problem once before by reinstalling Dota 2 thoroughly. But the problem returned in several days and I dont wanna redownload it again.
    My other guess is that is this problem coming from the matches against bots? I play against bots sometimes when my internet crashes. I feel like Bots are always cheating and making your gameplay unconfortable if they are dominated (e.g. when you got 40/0/10 KDA in 25 minutes and the bots would become furious). So the group control is messed by the AIs because of your outstanding performance in a bot game? (just a LOL guess)

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    Do you have "unified unit orders" on in your game settings? Because if you do, then whenever you hold CTRL while ordering to move, that order is then sent to all units you control (except couriers). Turn it off.

    You can find the setting in options, on the left below the auto-attack setting.
    Please, just call me buny.


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      Many thanks man! I will test it sometime tonight