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Earth spirit's Blink into placing stone renmnant and boulder smash combo bug.

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  • Earth spirit's Blink into placing stone renmnant and boulder smash combo bug.

    1)The actual bug is not on the combo but on the body rotation animation display, the hero didn't actually turn fully to the opposite direction but the game alrdy shown it turned, so an extra second is needed to kick the remnant.

    1)Earth spirit's Blink>Stone remnant>boulder smash combo doesn't work properly.
    2)The faster you do the combo, the higher the fail rate.

    1) Use Blink
    2) Cast stone renmmant
    3) Cast Boulder Smash
    4) Repeat Step 1 to 3 within maximum 1 second

    Unable to do this combo properly,my results after testing for 30 minutes.
    1.5 second success rate=100%
    1.0 second success rate=70%
    0.75 second success rate=40%
    0.5 second success rate=20%

    The higher the speed of this combo, the lower the success rate of this combo. However this is affected by ping as well.

    I had recorded 2 videos, each time this bug occur I will type a number of continuous failure, however the video is not edited and I am sorry for that.
    1)20 pings,server hosted by Singapore server:
    2)0 pings, server hosted by local host aka myself:
    3)I am a good Earth Spirit player until the nerf and this bug started to happen most of the time after that nerf patch.

    Anyone who don't mind to help me testing this out will really be appreciated.
    Last edited by elken1996; 04-21-2016, 09:19 AM.

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    It heavily looks like you simply don't press some keys. Use a key stroke tracking program and be sure it's not you simply missing some hotkeys or mouse clicks. For example in the 3rd-5th fail, you didn't target your boulder smash and had it still selected. If you don't miss any keys, the order for this should be.

    Also, in some cases you clearly placed the remnant too far away from you. Like in the 2nd fail, the remnant was too far.

    1. blink key
    2. left mouse key
    3. remnant key
    4. left mouse key
    5. smash key
    6. left mouse key

    Here is a test made with 500 ping. All fails were because of me not pressing the keys in the correct order

    (ignore the LButtonUp, because that one is unimportant for this, only x, d, q and LButtonDown are needed)
    Please, just call me buny.