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invoker forge spirits

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  • invoker forge spirits

    when i use the summon spell it doesn't select hero+spirits after spirits creation. bug or not? casting all invoker's skills is hard enough , in team fights its important to not have to select all the units on every cast . When this gets fixed same thing could be done with necronomicon (i know it isn't like that in D1 but it isn't a big advantage , it's just annoying having to box every time for an attack or manaburn)

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    Auto-grouping creatures upon summoning sounds extremely irritating, but that's just me.

    When escaping as Beastmaster, I like summoning the pets then immediately continuing to run and letting my pets stay back - afterwards microing the boar to start attacking a hero to slow them down.

    I cannot even begin to imagine how annoying it would be to auto-group Furion's treants.

    Originally posted by CvP
    retards don't count as people.


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      Summon the spirits, select them and the hero, and assign a group hotkey (e.g. Ctrl+1). Then you will always be able to recall the group by pressing 1. Summoning a new pair of spirits after the first die will add them to the group automatically.


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        Maybe allow toggling for this ability now? It definitely got it's uses in dota 1.

        For example, when you chase someone you don't really have yourself on the screen. With auto selection, you don't have to move your screen all the way back to prevent your summons from sitting there halfway useless. It can be helpful even in the situation Mittsies mentioned if there are creeps around you, the boar can stay there attacking them for long enough to lose the range from the enemy hero that is chasing you.


        • #5
          Actually you have 2 pretty good options.

          1st is bind a key to "control group tab", I picked "TAB". Lets say you summon hawk and a boar as beastmaster. Pressing tab once will select your hawk. Pressing tab again will select only your boar. You use this if you want to control only 1 of your pets.

          2nd - bind a key to "select all other units" This will select both hawk and the boar, or all the prophets trents or what not.

          Using these 2 keys, you can do pretty much any basic tactic.

          Not to mention you could configure some pretty good macros using autoexec.cfg file.

          You people conplain so much, but you havent even checked the game options.