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Should Sleight of fist not trigger Echo Sabre?

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  • Should Sleight of fist not trigger Echo Sabre?

    Today i was testing the new patch 6.87 through localhost games.
    I found that when a Ember Spirit carrying a Echo Sabre casted his Sleight of fist, the Echo Sabre entered cooldown (5s). However, nothing happend from the trigger of Echo Sabre. None of the enemies inside the range of Sleight of Fist was hit twice. I was pretty sure because I created a bunch of enemy Spirit Breakers for that test and they dropped the same amount of HP.
    So my concern is, should Sleight of fist not trigger Echo Sabre? In that case, it would allow Ember Spirit to cast a quick double attack after a Sleight of fist, and the value of this item for Ember would not be wasted.

  • #2
    Could you try casting Sleight of Fist on one target and see if it works then?


    • #3
      I tested on one target. There was an attack animiation after the sleight of fist, but dealed no damage. Echo sabre entered cooldown.


      • #4
        This I'm pretty sure is intended, echo sabre causes a hero to attack twice by giving it max attack speed, but SoF only allows one attack per target, so it can give the debuff but not the attack.
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        • #5
          Yeah i agree with you. This is why i didn't call it a bug. I just think the mechanics should be modified. For now, Echo Sabre is a useless item for ember spirit since SoF would mess it up.


          • #6
            That's similar to asking dragon lance to work on melee heroes, some mechanics simply aren't effective on every skill on every hero.
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            • #7
              But i think this is more similar to the change of attack modifier of Sliencer in 6.87. Some mechanics can improved in a reasonble way and expand the number of potential item builds for some hero.


              • #8
                While it's true every single patch heroes are getting their UAM turned into non-UAM spells, i don't see what that has to do with echo sabre, which is probably designed for heroes like tiny or maybe even treant who would need a lot of attack speed to reach the max, and opt instead for a burst of attack speed by buying echo sabre.
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                • #9
                  did the unit get slowed