Hello guys

I noticed some weird behaviour

when I use shadowblade/ silver Edge during the cast animation of an ability, the item is not used until cast point is already reached; meaning that silver edge was not actually instantly used but rather is put in the Queue of the unit orders

is this really intended?

this can hugely affect game result and help to out play the enemy. for example, legion commander can blink into slardar/faceless void, then cast duel and during cast animation use silver edge, by the time cast point is reached, fade time still did not expire (becuase both are 0.3 seconds but duel was cast before silver edge was activated) therefore, the first attack after duel will disable the passives (bash) and so legion commander can win the duel much more easily

(this seems unfair for me becasue the enemy on the other hand can still activate silver edge while LC is casting duel, and then the next strike after duel they will disable Moment of courage passive and reduce legion's damage, making winning duel equally harder)

I think I have read some change of this ability queue behaviour but I cannot remember which update it was (prolly last year or something)

Edit: also sorry if the langauge is a little confusing (yes this has a little details)

Edit: I am thinking that using invisbilty should not interupt any unit orders and should instantly apply regardless of whether a unit is or is not doing an order