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Couriers still sometimes killed by neutrals

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  • Couriers still sometimes killed by neutrals

    Occasionally, it still occurs that neutrals kill a team's courier when it flies over them/passes them and they get aggroed by another unit at the same time. Can anyone confirm this as a bug? Would like to see a hotfix making neutrals unable to attack couriers at all.

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    And where is the problem?

    Couriers just don't draw aggro by themselves. If the neutrals are already aggroed, they will attack it.
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      It's just stupid when your courier randomly dies, it can sometimes happen very unexpectedly. For example, when you are getting chased through your jungle by enemy heroes and the courier is delivering an item to you, the courier sometimes gets killed by neutrals because your hero or your enemies draw their aggro. Another example would be, when you jungle and the courier delivers something when you are clearing a camp, it might occur that the neutral creeps all of a sudden attack the courier (especially ranged neutrals).

      I think it would only be favorable if neutrals weren't able to attack couriers, don't see any disadvantages - it would be less frustrating for beginners and some unlucky situations wouldn't occur in high level play.
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        Now I have an example from a recent game. Here is the match ID and time: dota2://matchid=2493221485&matchtime=463. (watch Sand King farming a camp with Sand Storm and the Dire courier walking by)

        Is it really intended and desirable to have a courier die this way to neutral creeps?
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          Yes, it's the correct behavior. Couriers are not immune to attacks. They just have the lowest priority and are not able to aggro units. Other units which act like this are Beastmaster's Hawks. They won't aggro neutrals, but will get attacked if they are aggroed already and have no other unit to attack nearby. Really, it's the same risk you take when close to like lane creeps. If you deliver an item while enemy creeps are nearby, they will attack the courier if you suddenly turn invisible or disappear in other ways.

          If we look at DotA, couriers will aggro neutrals there, so Dota2 still has it better.
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            I stick to my opinion: For me, there is no reason to say it's already better than the original DotA, when there is still room for improvement. Enemy lane creeps and towers are something different than neutral creeps in the jungle imo. Naturally, the courier won't pass them as often as neutral creeps in your own jungle when delivering items. It's also a players own fault when he doesn't micro the courier correctly and lets it die to enemy lane creeps. However, nobody micros the courier to avoid passing neutral camps, but as already said I have seen situations, also in pro games, where the courier suddenly got killed by neutral creeps for some reason (e.g. Sand King farming a camp with Sand Storm and of course not watching the courier flying through his jungle or the camp the entire time, but instead watching the map and making calls to help his team meanwhile).

            Also, where is the logic that neutral creeps which clearly have no faction (they neither belong to the Radiant nor to the Dire) are able to kill a team's courier and have a big impact on the game for one team? I'm not 100% sure, but if every opponent player still gets 175 gold for a courier killed by neutrals, that's overall 875 gold (almost as much as killing Roshan or a tier 1 tower), not to forget the fact that the other team can't use their courier for quite some time (and potentially the waste of gold for items in the courier's inventory during this time).


            • #7
              Enemies don't get bounty for neutral courier kills. Also, the courier not belonging to each factor is rather a reason for them being able to attack couriers, not against it.

              Whether or not you agree with the current behavior does not matter, it simply does not qualify as a bug. You can post it as a suggestion.
              Please, just call me buny.


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                But still thanks, at least I know now it's not a bug and it's intended, so I can post it as a suggestion.