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Arc Warden's Tempest Double doesn't get Teleport Scroll

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  • Arc Warden's Tempest Double doesn't get Teleport Scroll

    I was playing as Arc Warden and there was a moment when I bought Teleport Scroll and summoned Tempest Double to find out Tempest doesn't have it. I tried to reproduce (went in lobby, -lvlup 6, bought TP and used ult) but failed at it. Maybe someone more experienced know what happened?

    MatchID: 2404728869.
    Time at which bug happened: 27:00 (I go to fountain, sell clarity and buy the Teleport Scroll, then use tempest).

    I recorded it in a crappy gif:
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    It happened again. Match 2439999474, time 19:34.


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      And again... Match 2442030244, time 9:17.


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        It happened again yesterday (I don't remember a match). And it happened again today (match 2463570917, time 9:52).


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          This happens whenever you put a tp scroll into the 1st item slot (top left item slot).
          Please, just call me buny.


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            Never experienced this bug, but after reading about it on reddit, decided to try some tests in lobby.
            In series of 15 tests "A" it happened twice, in series of 20 tests "B" it happened 0 times.
            "B" test -- just using tempest double with teleport scroll purchased or after some time TP scroll purchased.
            "A" test -- sold item, bought tp scroll, used ultimate immidiately.

            Both times it happened to the same item slot. First time there was tp scroll in 1st item slot, before it happened second time, I placed tp scroll to another slot (it was 1st slot, I just placed tango 1st, boots 2nd and tp was placed 3rd after purchase). Second time it happened, it was same 1st slot, but there were tangos.

            Doing some more tests.

            before 3rd time it happened I replaced boots from 2nd to 4th slot, then purchased tp and used ult. TP disappeared again
            4th and 5th tests gave me an idea: in these tests any manipulation to item slots was related to the first item slot. Right before using tempest double, I swapped 1st item with something else and used ult after that. Every time 1st slot disappeared.
            5th time I purchased slippers, placed them to first slot, bug haven't appeared
            6th time I purchased clarity and swapped it with any item, slot didn't matter. Bug appeared: the item in slot I swapped with disappeared.

            So, on the moment I can tell the following:
            - Bug appears only if you manipulate with slots somehow
            - There should be charges-based item (urn, clarity, tangos, tp, bottle, etc) in one of the slots you manipulated with
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              Just tried suggestions above and could reproduce (not on every test though, but that's certainly a progress).
              Two times in a row happened with double used right after moving TP from 2nd slot to 1st.
              A couple of times happened with double used right after selling item.

              EDIT: It seems to me that these are the steps to repro:
              1. Place TP in any slot except 1st.
              2. Use Double (copies TP).
              3. Now on the main hero, move TP to slot before the slot it was in (e.g. from 6th to 5th).
              4. Use Double (does NOT copy TP).

              EDIT2: can it be like this? (suppose that we moved TP from 2nd to 1st slot between ult casts)
              1. Compare 1st slots. Main hero have TP in this slot. Does tempest have it in inventory? Yes. Continue without changes.
              2. Compare 2nd slots. Main hero have nothing in this slot. Clear this slot on tempest.

              EDIT3: I guess this is more accurate
              1. Compare 1st slots. Main hero have TP in this slot. Does tempest have TP in this slot? No. Give tempest TP. (Tempest will now have 2 tp's in 2nd slot).
              2. Compare 2nd slot. Main hero have nothing in this slot. Clear this slot on tempest. (Both TP's get removed)

              EDIT4: edit3 seems right, because the same applies to dust of appearance (which stacks in inventory). Clarities and healing salves also affected.
              Possible fix: clear tempest inventory before comparing with main hero's?
              Last edited by asdfghjk; 06-26-2016, 12:56 PM.


              • #8
                Yeah, sounds right. Another possible fix -- copy charges-based items without any other checks and same amount of charges as original item, in case your theory on how it works right.
                Our theory makes me understand why me or my friends who play AW never experienced this bug: our ways to play are pretty much the same and it's rare for us to make some slot manipulations like that, so it just didn't happened for us.