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Should Chronosphere alone grant assists?

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  • Should Chronosphere alone grant assists?

    I've noticed that void's ult doesn't grant assists if void doesn't do some form of damage to those he's ulted.

    If Void gets a perfect ult off, its one of the longest whole team disables in the game. I've literally had situations where I've trapped all 5 enemies and none of my teammates. This has resulted in the entire team wiping strictly due to one ult and the advantage it granted the team, but Void gets no assists for those killed during or immediately after being chronoed.

    It seems kind of silly, considering the length and strenth of the disable, that no assists are granted to void for those enemies being affected by it.

    I don't know how this behaves in dota1, but it seems that other disabling abilities grant assists in dota2, so why not chronosphere?

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    "Assist" these days can be referring to 2 things:

    1. The obsolete assist score on the board, this is the thing you're referring to, and it does almost nothing. The only time this form of assist (damaging the enemy within 10s or so before it die) come into play is when the Dire/Radiant get the last hit, resulting in either the kill award to the lone hero assisting, split among the assisting heroes, or just split among all the team members if no hero assisted.

    2. "Assist Gold" refers to the gold granted to nearby hero except the killer of the enemy hero, this bonus gold is granted in 1000 AE of where the enemy die and the amount depends on the non-killer presents and the level of the target.

    In the past, some heroes like Pudge need to kill the victim or get an assist to gain the benefit for his passive, but all those abilities have been changed to a certain AE and/or you being the killer, so the assist on scoreboard no longer have any real benefit.

    Just want to explain the difference between the two since some people think you need to get assist count for the assist gold.
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      Really doesnt matter unless your a score whore, lots of abilites dont grant assists and its been like that forever. If the game used the assists score to help determine MMR or actually recorded them for like a stats page then changing how assists are granted would be useful, especially for mmr, but right now its pointless. Really wouldnt be that hard a change I imagine but still not really worth it unless it does something,.