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Brainstorm: Enemy minions sometimes having wrong attack priorities?

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  • Brainstorm: Enemy minions sometimes having wrong attack priorities?

    I've ran in a wierd case of having an enemy catapult "help" my jungling while the ranged minion that was right beside it attacked me instead. Let me clarify:

    Me and bounty hunter had just ran away from mid after a kill, and inadvertently pulled part of the incoming minion wave. At some point he goes invisible and leaves me to resume my jungling, which I do. Mere seconds after I start a creep camp 2 enemy minions (eg. a ranged minion and a catapult) arrive from the river. The ranged one sees me first and starts attacking me. I think "no big deal, I have plenty of hp to finish the camp first", but then the catapult arrives, and starts attacking one of the creep in the camp, even though I was in-between them. Not only that, but when that creep died the catapult insisted on killing the camp first and proceeded to target the last creep.

    But a video is worth a bazillion words, so here's a recording of the above description: (You might have an easier time if you switch to full screen)

    Repro steps:

    1. Start a game in any kind of matchmaking.
    2. Select any hero, preferrably a good jungler hero (Na'ix is a good example)
    3. Attract the attention of an enemy minion wave, or some minions of a wave.
    4. Quickly run to a creep camp and start attacking it, while making sure at least one creep stays alive.
    5. When the enemy minions arrive, notice that they may prefer to target the creep(s) instead of you.

    Expected Result: When in range, minions should prioritize enemy heroes over neutral creeps.

    Is this working as intended? If not, in which category should I report this bug (Edit this and keep it in gameplay with the repro steps, Bots since it is AI behavior...?)

    EDIT: Also, I have about 5-6 minor bugs that are all related to the UI while watching a replay. Should I make one big thread about them all or report them in separate threads? Same goes for the video recordings I've made of them.
    Last edited by Darkunov; 02-15-2012, 03:17 PM. Reason: Edited post to include the unlisted video link, instead of public.

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    I see you have the repro steps in the vid description, but you should post them right here as well.


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      The catapults don't seem to ever want to attack heroes even when they're closer. The whole attack priority thing is pretty messed up tbh.