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AFK in BOT games

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  • AFK in BOT games

    I know that the game considers you a leaver after 5 min AFK.

    If you make a solo BOT game to get some practice in on a hero, then go do something that ends up taking longer than you suspect (like pooping, then realizing you have a 2nd sortie coming in), your gold resets to 0, then keeps resetting to 0 every other second (or however many seconds it takes to get to 4 passively).

    How to recreate the "bug":

    -start new bot game
    -choose hero
    -don't do anything else

    You'll notice that at around 3:30 min on the clock, your gold resets and keeps resetting.

    Not sure if this qualifies as a bug, since it's a practice match by yourself that you can easily reset, but I'm sure I'd find it annoying if I'm like 5 min into jungle farm practice and I have to start over because I can't get any more items because I had to go poop (or make food, whatever).

    Also, I know you could just save yourself the headache and pause the game (the bots won't mind, I promise), but my point isn't how to circumvent this issue, but that it happens at all.
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    It consider you afk for too long and thus 'abandoned' the game, and yes this work even in custom games.

    What happen is that:
    Your gold is split among the rest of your team, including any future gold you might gain, and your items can be sold/taken by your teammates.

    Adding the 1:30 minutes of pre-spawn time and 3:30 after adds up to the 5 minutes estimated afk time for you to get that.

    I guess in a sense it's not a bug per se, but I can see it requiring some tweaks.

    (Though if you're afk that long against bots, I'd suggest you go start a new fresh game anyway)
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      maybe next time if u wanna pooping while play against bot, i suggest you to pause the game ..."bot" can wait, dont worry

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        no they can't, it will resume automatically like a normal game. :|
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