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Can Dagger Blink Target An Exact Unit?

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  • Can Dagger Blink Target An Exact Unit?


    I was Legion commander one game. Weaver was pushing high ground. I cam from behind him. I used my combo of press the attack, then clicked blink on him and then duel. He noticed me and used his ultimated (probably from panic). His ultimate moved his position next to me. Then my cast animation of press the attack finished and I blinked to his NEW position and not were he was.

    Is that supposed to happen? My initial assumption on what should happen was: I thought me and weaver will swap positions, because I clicked blink on him but before I blink he used ultimate and moved back to me. I thought blink dagger cannot target single unit and rather the target point on weaver.

    This happen couple of months ago. I am not sure how to replicate this. It is probably combination of lag+ blink gets shift queued or something (I think if I used blink while mid animation of press the attack, LC blinks after cast point IIRC)

    eitherway, I dont think replay is available, cuz its old already. I am just wondering, can blink target a unit? can someone replicate this? did blink change? can it still target unit or that was changed? did it used to be able to blink unit.

    P.S. I am pretty sure I did not click the new position of weaver. I slowly watched the replay, and I saw my mouse clicking on weavers positions pre-casting his ultimate. then he casted his ultimate and then my blink went off (after my press the attack).

    not sure how I can share a replay months ago (or maybe almost a year)