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New Hero Pangolier 3rd spell Heartpiercer bug

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  • New Hero Pangolier 3rd spell Heartpiercer bug

    Hi Dota2 Dev Team,

    New Hero Pangolier, there is a bug for his 3rd spell Heartpiercer.

    Once a target/enemy received the debuff "Heartpiercer", if Pangolier armed with ANY "reduce target armor" item(includes Assault Cuirass/Solar Crest/Blight Stone/desolator, or maybe include reduce target spell -- I haven't test spell), the Heartpiercer will neutralize the "negative/reduce armor effect" from item, or maybe spell. Which means Pangolier has desolator, and target's status shows negative armor, once Heartpiercer is active , target TRUE armor becomes 0, even it shows 0-6, the damage is reduced once Heartpiercer is active.
    I test on dummy in demo mode, lv25 Pangolier, with desolator, hit dummy around -203 hp; once heartpiercer is active, the hit damage become -168 hp.

    I believe "fully negate target armor" does not mean neutralize armor to zero even there is negative armor debuff.

    please fix it.

    thank you Dota2 Dev team,

    A Dota2 Player

  • #2
    This is unintuitive, but "fixing" it (if it's even unintentional) has balance implications. Perhaps a better way of dealing with it would be to clarify that Heartpiercer sets affected units' armour to 0, rather than saying that it "negates armour".

    I'm with you, though; I'd prefer that Heartpiercer reduce enemy's armour by their total amount for the duration, so that it stacks with Desolator. If it proves too strong, nerfs can be applied elsewhere. I prefer this because, overall, Pangolier's playstyle doesn't seem to be very clear: Swashbuckle has similarities to PA Dagger, Wukong stun, Sleight of Fist, and Throw Tree, but does not scale with Pangolier's damage, and only slightly scales with items, so he isn't an obligate carry; his roll and jump provide survivability and teamfight disruption, but his only stun is unreliable, and can be stopped early by piercing disables; with his decent-but-bizarre passive and the ability to apply on-hit effects in an AoE from range, perhaps he is meant to be a debuffer, but this playstyle is relatively unimpactful.
    To the devs—thank you for your time and for your effort. I'm sorry that we only think of you when we want something.


    • #3
      just follow up, any one is working on this and try to fix this bug?


      • #4
        follow up everyday, please someone fix it.