Using boots and blink in case of Spider Legs, Woodland Striders, Force Boots and Fallen Sky is unpleasant, hard, annoying and in the moment impossible and unintuitive as us players have it hardcoded in our muscle memory where items of those functions should be. There are other neutral items also with active which we would rather have at certain position in our inventories. Players like to put items with similar functionality in same positions, for example enemy unit targeting items will go on one slot, ally targeting units would go on another, targetless items in some third spot, much like blink and boots have their designated spots.
To resolve this issue I advise you to make seventh item slot where only 1 neutral item is allowed in inventory at the time, and only 6 normal items are allowed in inventory. That way we can put our items wherever we want while maintaining the rule of only having 6 normal items and only having 1 neutral item.