Lone Druid is unable to resummon his Spirit Bear when it has taken damage within the last 3 seconds.

This is the same damage timer restriction that is applied to Blink Dagger (and Blink Dagger based items, like Fallen Sky) and Monkey King’s Tree Dance.

The issue is that Blink Dagger, Tree Dance and regeneration effects use the 3 second damage timer post-reduction, not pre-reduction.

This means a Hood of Defiance or a Raindrop can be used to negate damage taken and therefore be able to use Blink or Tree Dance or prevent regeneration effects from being canceled.

This does not work for Lone Druid’s Summon Spirit Bear, it currently uses pre-reduction for its damage timer, which it seriously shouldn’t anymore.

All other instances (except for Chen’s teleport spell) have been changed from pre-reduction to post-reduction, Summon Spirit Bear should not be an exception.