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Isnt courier a unit? need share option for it!

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  • Isnt courier a unit? need share option for it!

    Dear developers, there was already a topic like this one i created few months ago. But i accepted the fact that u have more important things to fix, than to include a share option for courier. But today new patch came out. I was endless happy seeing this: "- Added support for Shared Unit Control." , somehow i had to realise that your defenition of a unit is different compared to mine. Tell me! Why doesnt courier count as a unit? Cant believe that you do not understand how important this option is..

    Lets image u start an open beta or u even release dota 2, what numbers of players do u expect guys? If i already see in close beta numbers going up to 30k, will it be 100k, 200k or 300k than? I have heard that chinese dota1 community consist of near 2kk players, what if everyone of them moves to your product? And than i would take an average amount of game player could play a day... there are players with unlimited time due no matter what and they play 15 games day like np, there are some with only 1 game a day, so lets take as an average number 5 games a day for all players.

    Now some examples of causality in dota pubs: It isnt impossible that in one game 2 stubborn players meet each other, like SF and Tinker players for example and both will obviously go mid. Ofc they will fight for each creep and shit on denies and holding enemy out of exp range, but not only this. It could happen that while u sf is trying to bring himself the bottle chick will be send base whole time by tinker, bottle could be dropped in the middle of the way, hf searching than where it was if u wasnt watching courier nonstop, or even worse tinker puts bottle out right before u take it and destroys it with one hit.
    Listen, its everybodies right to go on lane he wants to go, u cant disallow him this and ofc u cant report someone for doubling with u. But do i really need to report everytime ppl who destroy my items? Like i mentioned above:
    5 games a day X 300k players = 1,5kk games, in how many games could this happen? 10%, 15%, 20%? Do really want to solve these amount of reports (150k upto 300k), if u just could integrate one single couriershare option... holy shit it could save so many public games, cant believe u do not care..

    If anyone has experienced the same need for a shareoption would be nice to have your support in this topic!

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    I think this is way less common than you think it is. I do get annoyed though when im using the chicken and someone else high jacks it and sends it to themselves and its only 5 min later that I notice it back in base with my item on it. It would be nice to have the option to unshare the chicken, but I could also see that ruining games if you happen to tick off the guy who bought the chicken.

    I think chicken should just be a standard item like HoN, where its already available at game start without anyone buying it. Then if you want an unshared chicken for yourself you can buy one and have share control over that one.


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      I think share option is needed but that would lead to many pug games that have supports keeping the chick for themselves leaving the carries without a form of item transportation


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        Originally posted by xXQuatchiXx View Post
        I think share option is needed but that would lead to many pug games that have supports keeping the chick for themselves leaving the carries without a form of item transportation

        if someone buys a courier that generally means they want their team to use it.


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          Originally posted by TIMTIMTIM View Post

          if someone buys a courier that generally means they want their team to use it.
          I know many people simply buy courier since it's on suggested items, without really knowing what it's for, or even know the 'share control' option exist.

          So a non-sharing on default might actually lead to more people getting flamed for NOT sharing the courier than people getting reported for ruining someone else's game using courier.
          Every time someone make a false report.
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            How about, first courier is forced to be shared by the team. Every courier bought afterwards first belongs to the person who bought it, and they can then either give it up to the team or give it to another player. This would prevent people "taking back" the first courier that was bought, while also preventing people from completely screwing up games by messing with their team's courier.


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              There have been various threads according to this, and also this is not the suggestion section, however just doing a simple search you get multiple results.
              As for now it can not be shared, it is auto-shared however if you like it to be shared refer to the other already open threads.

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