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Why Surrender, Concede, or Forfeit feature is Important

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  • Why Surrender, Concede, or Forfeit feature is Important

    I know that this topic has been discussed many times before, but I think and most of the players I play with in Dota 2 agrees with it. I played Dota 1 for almost a decade, yeah there was no surrender or concede option. I think it is important to have it in Dota 2, why?

    Why there should be a surrender or concede option?
    1. It saves time and effort. If your team is mismatched with the other team. What ever you do if the other team has 5 pro player and your team has 4 or 5 noobs, unfortunately, it is impossible to win the game. If you are unfortunate enough, you will randomly get 3 newbies in your team while 4 or 5 godlike players from the opposing team.
    2. It is humble for a player to accept defeat. Well if one of your mates really fed a lot this certain hero and owns the game so hard like godlike in 10 minutes, I guess its time to accept that shit happens.
    3. It gives you more time to play more games than stay in the game for almost an hour. If you know you'll lose anyway specially if some players in your team go AFK not DC, well I guess you'll need to end it.
    4. It prevents fighting and blaming among members of the losing team. At least you will lose peacefully rather than get totally pissed especially if one of your team members keep buying dozens of couriers to feed the other team. Sometimes reporting is just not enough. It is unfair to suffer in a game while one member is trolling around and feeding the other team. You don't deserve that.
    5. Accepting defeat makes friends. Accepting defeat is like handling over the victory to the other team. It can build friendship in the game rather than enemies.


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    1 strong argument, why it's bad. Games often has turining points and even 'raped' team can get up and win. Close thread please.


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      However it does not apply to every raped team.


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        While there are a few situations why conede / surrender feature r useful its mostly when the game is 30 : 5 and you have a guy or guys on your team with 10-20 deaths a piece :/ aisde from that i have to say concede / surrender features ruin games.

        You add it then people just get in the mentality of "playing the wins" if something looks bad they just give up / concede / cry in the fountain till u do it, and then the quality of actual games goes down a great amount with people only playing those "easy wins" and just conceding till then, so yes your amount of games increases dramatically but the quality of games decreases alot more IMO.

        It also turns alot of players into basically quitters when the game starts going badly they just quit and spam concede and stop playing a great deal. This happened so badly in hon that it was ridicious and i do not wish it to plague dota like it has in HoN.

        People will blame people regardless of whatever and most often then not they just blame the person who speaks up and not the actual people at fault.


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          This is not a suggestion section. It's to post bugs.

          As there is a very long discussion to this in misc I am closing this one.
          Everything you said has been said before. That's why that topic has been closed a while ago now, there is nothing new to add to this.

          Before posting a bug read the Bug posting guidelines first and check the Known Bugs list For existing bugs.

          Use the report () button when you need help from a Moderator.