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barathrum bash inconsistency (dota1 - dota 2 )

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  • barathrum bash inconsistency (dota1 - dota 2 )

    in dota 1 because of the engine limitation of WC3, bara bash could proc on missed attacks.

    for those who don't know how it worked, many abilities and effects in dota1 happened BEFORE the attack took place, so spamming the S key would cause the effect to happen multiple times in a row, not guaranteed for bara bash because its a chance effect but it would be like throwing more tickets into a raffle. riki back stab was the most known and abused of these effects.

    because of how bara bash worked in dota 1, even on attacks that missed the bash would go off because the bash would happen BEFORE the attack would be decided to be a miss or not.

    now just because i am nit picky all i want to know is because bara bash is the only hero skilled bash that is blocked by magic immunity, isn't it fair that he keeps his "never miss" bash. i know that dota 2 does not use the "before" the attack limitation of WC3 because of obvious abuse reasons but this is directly effects the hero in a nerf kind of way. also its not abusable like riki + back stab with spamming S, all i think is that it should always bash even if the attack misses. only his bash i am suggesting this for.

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    This is similar to Linken's Sphere blocking more spells in Dota 2 than in Dota 1, due to previous limitations removed.

    However, the price of Linken's Sphere remains the same.

    By your logic, shouldnt Linken's Sphere power increase be factored into its price? It is currently now the same price in Dota 1 and Dota 2, but in Dota 2, it blocks more stuff.

    Something to think about.
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      my logic is stating a inconsistancy that directly effects bara's gameplay. linkens getting a buff was deemed intentional so i could care less and no ive always thought it should block all spells. the price shouldnt increase. all i want to know is if bara should keep his never miss bash or not. bnut with what you stated linkens got a buff from porting over. with this, bara gets a nerf. not really the same concept.


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        bump~ would like to see this fixed / disccused.

        whole thread on PlayDota about if people even want it in dota 1. it seems 50/50 atm.

        key notes -
        the bash has a CD
        it cannot stun / damage magic immune
        it really is bara's only damage tool besides right click.

        being able to proc on miss chances seems fair to me.


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          Most of the posts in that thread describe it as an engine limitation. AFAIK, all those are being removed in Dota 2 (example: you cannot be killed by damage higher than your max HP while Shallow Graved, whereas you could in D1 because it was a triggered heal).
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            yes i am aware, and mentioned this is the previous posts to. but it was something that gave bara a edge because of the way his stun could be countered like others couldnt (magic immunity)


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              This is obviously an intended fix nothing to discuss...
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