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1800 Range hook.

This topic is closed.
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    Doesn't change the fact they are there, implying that someone at Valve, possibly IceFrog, are at least CONSIDERING giving Pudge Dagger.

    If they didn't consider it a possibility, the line wouldn't be there at all.


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      Originally posted by TraderRager View Post
      > Implying Pudge would have a Blink Dagger at level 6
      > Implying that no one can counter/avoid the Combo Meal.
      > Implying the reason that Pudge/VS can't use Blink is any reason other then the fact it would trap people.
      > Unaware of the fact the Pudge HAS LINES FOR BUYING BLINK DAGGER.
      If you rush a blink you can easily have it by level 6. You just have to be good at farming, you can rush a radiance in 15 minutes with Sylla mid. So yes good players will have it by level 6.

      At level 6 when you are all still in lanes, how do you avoid/counter pudge blink rotting and devouring you ? Especially if you are alone, or in a dual lane with only one disable (Carry Lane).

      And like Kaedy said, all heroes have those lines. Doesn't mean anything really, there are lots of lines in the game files that have not been used.

      There is a reason he is not able to buy a blink dagger, just like how Void/Slar/Troll cannot buy Cranium Basher. Balance issues
      Last edited by nicoman; 06-14-2012, 07:27 AM. Reason: Kaedy typo


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        Originally posted by Wandang View Post
        @nezune: how come you know that its not an limitation? you are aware of how limited wc3 was? naix infesting an enemy resulting in his model beeing on the edge of the map... there are so many workarounds. pudge hook is just another one. im sure it was never intended to go 1800 range. it would in fact be easy for valve to make it work with forcestaff but they didnt because it was not intended.
        Pudge hook is easily solved via use of locations, which means that as long as you know JASS you can do it.
        The more likely case is that he saw it as an interesting trick and decided not to change it.
        Last edited by Arxos; 06-15-2012, 03:06 PM.


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          I think its obvious the way hook works at the moment is the way Valve wants it to work, since we've gone over how meat hook works repeatedly over the past year. Dota 2 isn't going to have absolute parity on these kind of 'tricks', Mirana's back-arrow is one good example.

          Otherwise this thread seems to have tumbled into balance discussion, so I'm closing this.
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