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Linken's Sphere and no-targeting/ground targeting Skills.

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  • #61
    yes.. this is right


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      Originally posted by Baloroth View Post
      Consistency of mechanics dictates that Linken's should operate the same whether you click directly on a hero or slightly past the hero. The reason it didn't in WC3 was because it was WC3, with the limitations that implies. This is DOTA 2: Valve can do whatever they want, and if a spell is blocked when cast with the cursor over that hero, it makes no sense that it should be blocked simply because the caster clicked a slightly different point.

      Useless mechanics do not add skill to a game, they just add useless, unintended complexity.
      There is a difference between clicking on the hero, and slightly past the hero. It is this: Clicking on the hero guarantees the hit. It doesn't matter if the hero tries to juke; the skill will land.

      Clicking near the hero allows said hero the opportunity to juke. It is not difficult to bait an impale and juke it if you're expecting it; spell cast time and distance travel allows plenty of opportunities to evade, if that's what you were going for.

      One scenario is non-thought: click the thingy that's moving, profit.

      The other scenario requires thinking: where is he going to be in 0.5s. Will he run left, or right, or diagonally towards me? Is he going to try to outrun me, allowing me to straight shot him, or turn 90 degrees into a juke spot?

      If my opinion isn't obvious, linkens should block anything that doesn't require thinking to land. I'm really, really against it blocking mirana's arrow. I don't understand that at all.


      • #63
        A question: Is Dragon Slave supposed to be blocked by linken? I just played a game where I Dragon Slave'd someone with linken right before using Laguna Blade. It did not block the Dragon Slave but blocked the Laguna Blade.

        Linken blocks aoe (untargeted) damage spells without a stun component, right?


        • #64
          Originally posted by hoh0 View Post
          A question: Is Dragon Slave supposed to be blocked by linken? I just played a game where I Dragon Slave'd someone with linken right before using Laguna Blade. It did not block the Dragon Slave but blocked the Laguna Blade.

          Linken blocks aoe (untargeted) damage spells without a stun component, right?
          No? It certainly shouldn't block Dragon Slave or Light Strike Array, didn't even do that in DotA.


          • #65
            The problem is Linken's is still terribly inconsistent at all levels.


            • #66
              Originally posted by Baloroth View Post
              No? It certainly shouldn't block Dragon Slave or Light Strike Array, didn't even do that in DotA.
              Yes, it didn't get blocked in wc3 dota; ground targeted fissures and impales didn't get blocked too, but it has been changed to block ground targeted fissure/impale, etc, and I was wondering about the inconsistency


              • #67
                I see what you mean now. The distinction, as far as I can see, is between spells that can be targeted on units or ground, and spells that can only be targeted on ground. The former are blocked, the latter are not.


                • #68
                  I see, thanks for the clarification


                  • #69
                    Linkens Sphere gets activated, when Bara charges one of your allies and he passes you (the one with the Linkens Sphere). That is so hella annoying.


                    • #70
                      I played a game in which all five of my opponents have Linken's, was the most boring game ever since I started playing, not for all have buy Linken's, but all of them blocking skills that were not directly targeted at them, it was ridiculous.

                      In my view if it continues, the Linken's will be the most powerful item in the game, making it useless to rush a BKB, now I'm tired of seeing people utilize this "bug" it and make Linken's to heroes who do not normally do.

                      In conclusion, if it continues, can remove BKB of game or almost double the price of Linken's (recipe) or increase the cooldown. Obviously there is a huge difference between clicking a hero and achieve a certain area of effect it.

                      I only see for the moment in a annoying way, the game becomes less fluid and not an official change becomes a bug.

                      For me the game should follow the path of its predecessor and it is premature to change differentiated between them.


                      • #71
                        I really liked the fact that in DotA 1 it created a need of awareness and added the aspect of skill when targeting linken's heroes with spells like fissure and burrowstrike. I thought it was a really neat concept that you could target the ground to get around the linken's.

                        Also like previously stated by aKaHideinlight the dual nature of these spells creates a sense of technical plays, where you can choose to pop the linkens so an ally can come in with another spell (finger/laguna blade for instance) or bypass it for a stun so team mates can catch up/come in.

                        It added depth to the game. DotA already has so many small details and intricacies, and these are what make the game so great and complex. I don’t understand why depth should be removed, unless this is a change to have it used more in the competitive scene. However, even if that is the case I don’t like the change because I appreciated it better before, it required more awareness and added another element of skill. (I.E clicking on a hero guarantees it will land, clicking the ground is not a guarantee, hence skill required)

                        EDIT: Also linken's blocking a Mirana arrow is kind of bullshit IMO, I never play her because I am pretty bad with her (for now I am practicing to get good :P), but when you make a nice arrow Linken's should not block it. Hitting arrows takes a lot of skill especially from afar, and as such should be rewarded.
                        Last edited by nicoman; 06-13-2012, 07:12 AM.


                        • #72
                          i think linken should trigger while being targeted, i.e. when i actually burrowstrike a hero, but it shouldn't trigger when i do, for example, a burrowstrike on the ground.


                          • #73
                            I just found t ouabout this since I started to play nyx recently. Linkens is very inconsistant at the moment then. Why doesn't it block sven's stun when it's not the primary target?

                            Anyways why not impale a non-targtable spell?


                            • #74
                              Originally posted by knowitall View Post
                              It should not block non-targeted Fissures/Impales/Burrowstrikes. That's just silly. These skills already require you to place them correctly (in the case of non-targeting).
                              This. Unneeded buff. It makes no sense. These are ground targetted aoe spells....


                              • #75
                                It's a VERY NEEDED buff. Even still, Linken is inferior to BKB in nine cases out of ten, it is only being picked up against things like Beastmaster's ulti. Nerfing Linken would put it back on level with Rod of Atos - can't remember the last time I saw that item in serious a game.
                                Last edited by Acanthus; 08-19-2012, 07:48 AM.