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Linken's Sphere and no-targeting/ground targeting Skills.

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  • Linken's Sphere and no-targeting/ground targeting Skills.

    So i was playing EarthShaker yesterday against a Yurnero who made linkens. Each time i stuned him with anything (aftershock or fissure) the linken absorved it. In DotA 1 as far as i remember(i can be wrong) when you target the ground or AoE based skills don't interact with linkens. So is this a bug? Or a correction of the limitation of W3's engine?

    Repro Steps:
    Stun a enemy hero with linkens with any skill that can be targeted on the ground(Fissure, Burrow Strike , Impale etc)

    The Stuns happens, but the hero with linkens just absorb it.

    Expected Result:
    In DotA 1 the stun would be completely absorved it you target the hero with linkens, but if targetin the ground it woudn't , and the hero would suffer the stun. Need some Dev here to clarify if it's a inconsistency or a Correction from the limitations of WC 3 engine.
    Maverick Hunter.

  • #2
    Happened with sandking too. If I remember correctly, most AoE spells do not get blocked by linkens unless you specifically target the hero.


    • #3
      Yeah happens with SandKing, Lion and Shaker. Should be fixed as soon as possible.


      • #4
        Confirming the DotA 1 behavior OP described.


        • #5
          many stuns get blocked by it even if u dont click on the hero...


          • #6
            This is an intended change with regards to impale/burrowstrike/etc. Feel free to discuss


            • #7
              its okay if it absorb aoe as long as it is a stun, would suck if it went on cd, for a non-stun magic, imo.


              • #8
                Guess it makes Linken a lot stronger vs these heroes, even though Lion can still pop Linken with mana drain as before(but you need to actually lvl it, and put a point in it). It's kinda confusing for new players that ground targetted AE spells get blocked by Linken however. Then again there's a bunch of spells that get blocked or not(Zeus ulti getting blocked or Furion targetted Sprouts not being blocked for example), so it's usual convoluted dota mechanics ^^.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by IceFrog View Post
                  This is an intended change with regards to impale/burrowstrike/etc. Feel free to discuss
                  My initial thoughts are that it is a buff to Linken's where it probably wasn't needed. I felt like having to "aim" your stuns rather than directly targeting them against a Linken's holder was a pretty neat way of getting through Spellblock on DotA 1. A change to the interaction between Sprout and Linken's was made (it has now been reverted) where Sprout would not trigger Linken's when casted directly on the hero, and the reason you gave for it was that you could just target the ground to achieve the same result. Couldn't that apply here? I'm not trying to suggest that, seeing as in DotA 1 you could just target the ground with Impale, you should be able to directly target the Linken's holder and still hit them with the stun, but I'm just providing an example where it seems like you've gone in the opposite direction from decisions regarding Sprout and Linken's.

                  The tooltip for Linken's is also misleading: "Passive: Spellblock - Blocks most targeted spells once every 20 seconds."

                  Linken's isn't blocking targeted spells, it's blocking spells in general. Having said that, it already blocked non-targeted spells in DotA 1 (e.g. Overgrowth, Aphotic Shield damage) so the tooltip was misleading to begin with, unless I've misunderstood what a targeted spell is.

                  Personally, I'm against this change. I don't see why it should block spells like a ground-casted Impale and not Split Earth or Ravage (I haven't actually tested these in Dota 2).
                  Last edited by kekeke; 10-21-2011, 08:49 PM.


                  • #10
                    it makes sense for impale and such or even fissure but not aftershock, since that's purely an AoE spell.


                    • #11
                      It doesnt block Omnislash either. Jugger can just ulti u, it blocks the first hit and then the omnislash goes on.


                      • #12
                        It should not block non-targeted Fissures/Impales/Burrowstrikes. That's just silly. These skills already require you to place them correctly (in the case of non-targeting).


                        • #13
                          I don't think it should be able to block AoE spells, that makes it too powerful. I think linkens should block single target spells only. On the other hand with items like Urn of Shadows, burning a linkens is becoming increasingly easy. I guess leaving it to block AoE stuns and spells is alright for now and just see how it plays out. But if everyone begins to buy linkens to turtle against heavy early-mid game stun heavy line-ups then you should change it back to single target only.


                          • #14
                            I like the chance to be honest. It has it's downsides, but also some great things. (Easier to remove linkens, for example).


                            • #15
                              not too sure how i feel about this, ES fissure / sk burrow etc. etc. are pretty important spells especially for these characters, having these able to be blocked by linkens really feels like a buff to linkens, even tho ya it opens up the target to things like necro ult, doom, slardar ult etc. And Linkens is already stupidly powerful on carries like morphling and weaver.

                              I guess its a bit confusing that targetting the hero and targetting the ground actually make the spell behave so differently, it would be more intuitive i think if it didn't matter if you clicked the hero or if you clicked the ground. But cest la vie.