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Windrunner shackleshot?

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  • Windrunner shackleshot?

    New to this forum. Not sure whether brought up but saw a few shackles that really shouldnt be latching and felt the need to bring it up. Sorry if its a repost.

    bugged shackle 2.jpgbugged shackle.jpg

    The shackle in both pictures landed on venomancer.

    In both the pictures the angle that the shackle latched was 30 degrees and above.

    Pictures were taken from CLG vs NaVi

    at minutes 31 and 50 seconds and directly at 1 hour of the vod

    This is a changelog of 6.69 in dota 1 which states
    Wind Runner
    - Night vision reduced to that of normal heroes (1200->800)
    - Shackleshot's search angle reduced from 30 to 26 degrees <------

    Wouldnt this mean that the search angle would be 26 degrees behind the target which converts to a 13 degree search angle to the left and a 13 degree search angle to the right? which is clearly not followed by the shackles in the picture.

    The range of the shackles should be to an enemy unit or tree at most 525/500 units behind it.(Source :

    This doesnt seem like what is happening too as I've seen very long shackles but i cannot prove it as i cannot calculate the range.

    Once again I'm very sorry if this is a repost.

    Thank you

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    The angle is taken from the line made by Windrunner's position when shackleshot is fired, to the target when the projectile hits. Units 26 degrees to the left or right of that line can be latched. Screenshots from vods cannot be used to accurately determine the angle because of the slight distortion from perspective. Because the game is from a private lobby, only the players and maybe people in the broadcast slots (I'm not sure) have access to the actual replay file. With the replay file, you could use the free camera command to view the shackle top-down.
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      This has been discussed a lot. If you can't actually prove, through hero position and angle calculations, there's no way to confirm. Shackleshot has a pretty wide search angle (and wider for units than for trees), and the camera angle largely distorts the perception of actual angle of shots. As far as anyone can empirically tell without numerical data, it's working the same between DotA1 and Dota2. Above post is also accurate btw.

      Specifically, in those two screenshots, the camera acts strangely during height interactions (windrunner below her targets); the game considers only x and y for abilities and range, while the camera shows z direction distortion. This is why if you click into the river from a cliff with pudge or mirana firing hook or arrow, the shot will take a different path than what it seems like it should. It's the same with windrunner - the cliff distortion combined with the draw calculation leads to what seems like impossible shackles.

      Also, the draw angle appears to be about 26 in either direction, or a total of about 54. Empirically, through the (fairly extensive) testing I've done it's about 30 degrees in either direction, which is close enough to 26 to seem accurate, becasue I'm not actively measuring.
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        Originally posted by Beckham92 View Post
        Wouldnt this mean that the search angle would be 26 degrees behind the target which converts to a 13 degree search angle to the left and a 13 degree search angle to the right? which is clearly not followed by the shackles in the picture.
        The 26 degrees referenced is the angle between the secondary target and the line between WR and the primary target. This makes for a full 52 degree serch range behind the primary target.

        I don't know if this is the reason why the community continues to think shackleshot is bugged, because I have yet to see a truly bugged shackleshot.

        Fydorian has explained the shackles you referenced quite aptly. Other 'bugged' shackles have I seen have been due to camera angle distortion, movement of targets or a misunderstanding of the actual range and angle allowed by shackleshot.

        This latter is probably the biggest reason. The general impression is that shackleshot has a very small allowed range or angle, this is not actually the case. I compared one recent example here:
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