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A concern about Armlet of Mordiggian

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  • A concern about Armlet of Mordiggian

    Overall it's a great item for many heroes, but there is one small thing about it that bugs me.
    Is it ok that you can activate/diactivate it for free and do it as often as you want? Because every time it's activated the hero gets about 600 hp, and that can be used to evade death(and I saw it being done a lot of times).
    I mean, hero with armlet has like 20 hp, he switches it 'off', then 'on' and now he has 600 hp to keep 'surviving'. And he can do that as much as he wants. Yes, he is stuck with 1 hp during switching, but if there are not many enemies or he's just lucky, he can still pull this trick. There is no other 'healing' item that can provide instant hp gain with no restriction(mechanism has cd, bottle and potions work over time and heal less).

    As I remember this was in DotA like that too, so I know that it's not some random bug. I'm just not sure that it's supposed to work that way. Armlet is already a strong item, that 'free heal' may be too much.
    If I were to propose an idea to fix it, I'd either add a 'cd' between turning on/off (1-2 seconds is more than enough) or add a condition it that you can't activate it if you have less than 50-100 hp.

    PS Don't get me wrong, people like to jump to wrong conclusion and miss the point. I'm not whining or complaining about some overpowered feature(after all I can use it as well :/). It's a 'brainstorm' section and I shared my opinion on the problem, so it would be nice if other people also gave their opinions on this matter.

    PPS Maybe it should have been in 'misc' section after all :/
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    Activating has a 5 second cooldown


    • #3
      I think its balanced if you're really that concerned any DOT will ensure a kill when he toggles it off in those extreme low situations. Toggling armlet still requires a lot of skill and you need to time your cd with the degen to keep yourself alive. There are lots of counters and armlet users are pretty standard strength heroes orient your item build according to the situation. See an SK, CK, DK starting to build armlet hell pick up an orb of venom and you can get a nice DOT to stop toggling shaningans or pick up veno


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        As the poster above pointed out, it has a 5-second CD on activation, so if you deactivate it before the 5 seconds are up you are completely screwed.

        Anyways, this is a balance debate and that belongs on not here.


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          Yep, thank you, didn't notice the 'activation cd' part before, seems that it took longer than 5 seconds in most games I encountered this. Still, as I remember I could switch it on/off freely as much as I wanted in DotA2, must have been my imagination.


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            Just FYI, since this corresponds to PD, Armlett as of now is a very unpopular item at the level of play that matters balance-wise (pro-level) and is a lot more likely to receive buffs than nerfs.

            Lately, it's not even seen in CKs, which even if they used it, they would do it mostly for the buffed illusions rather than the free 475 HP.

            So yeah, if you dislike Armlett plays and would like to see them nerfed, you're probably going to dislike the future balance patches.


            • #7
              Uhhh no.

              The armlet users hero base is actually already limited.
              Remove that advantage and no one will use that item anymore.


              • #8
                It is already worth more than its price even without its "double-tap free hp" feature if you ask me.
                Last edited by Zasz; 07-09-2012, 04:24 PM.


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                  Originally posted by Zasz View Post
                  It is already worth more than its price even without its "double-tap free hp" feature if you ask me.
                  only for a certain roster of heroes though.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by MuDDy_PaNDa View Post
                    only for a certain roster of heroes though.
                    Isn't that true for almost every item in the game? This item is designed for strength carries and in my opinion it's more valuable than its price tag. It is only unpopular (if that is even true, I buy it as first item to every single strength carry) because pubs don't like items which require attention to use.

                    The double tap ability is just plain broken if you practice it enough. It's way strong for such a cheap item.
                    Last edited by Zasz; 07-09-2012, 05:19 PM.


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                      Same can be said about force staff or bkb. Balance discussion should go to playdota, this is for bug reporting mostly. I personally don't think it's that good, you need to be extremely skilled to use it correctly and even then having a lethal dot on you will basically prevent you from any shenanigans(urn for example).


                      • #12
                        perfectly balanced item, don't change it


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