I have been having a few well known issues since I was added to the beta and regardless of what fixes the devs have tried to place to fix the issue they seem to come back so I want to use this thread as a way of reporting when and how a courier issue occur please list the following when posting (discussion is allowed)

new bug layout:
  • Game ID (you can find this under watch tab --> recent games -> filter your name)
  • Aprox time it occurred
  • What hero you were using
  • what level of courier (donkey/flying donkey)
  • small explanation of what happened

Known Issues:
  • courier ignoring commands and/or getting stuck (happens more so to the donkey, rarely on the flying donkey)
  • courier losing control groups (hotkey works but if you set your own control group it breaks some times)
  • courier ignores your commands when returning to fountain

If you have any other issues you would like to add post here and ill update the list as they come, if you have any info on how the issue occured please post here.