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[Needs Testing] Templar Assassin is Overpowered in Dota 2

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  • #61
    Originally posted by Baloroth View Post
    Wrong order. Meld damage was placed first, then -armor, then the normal attack damage.
    Regardless there's a difference but yeah the order matters for parity. If meld does dmg before the armor reduction in dota1, it means in dota2 it scales a lot more early game since most of the dmg comes from the meld additional dmg early game(200dmg from meld vs 100-120dmg from autoattack). In dota1 that 200dmg is mitigated more so the total dmg would be lower. As you get to late game though it matters less and less relatively, but it's still a fairly big deal.


    • #62
      Originally posted by Baloroth View Post
      Wrong order. Meld damage was placed first, then -armor, then the normal attack damage.
      no. he's correct.
      just show one simple test result
      lvl25 TA, 10 points in attributes,lvl 4 meld,normal attack 117-123+20,140 on average
      attack a lvl 10 centaur with no items. 25% damage reduction before meld; -12% reduction after meld
      damage 328(1024 to 696)
      if it is the reversed order 140*(1+12%)+200*(1-25%)=306.8
      if it was in dota 2, the damage should be (140+200)*1.12=380.8
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        Originally posted by Rice View Post
        Just, I don't know. Something is off.

        In DotA 1 whenever I see PA i go: mEH
        In DotA 2 its like : zzz.... time to pick lycan
        But that's your problem. When will people understand that DotA2 "isn't the same game as DotA" (and don't get the wrong there)?

        This should be discuss at PD and not here. I don't see OP points as a bug. I see them as a balance oriented thread. And we all know that IceFrog only nerf heroes based on competitive play stats!

        "From the first point was begat a line. From this line was begat a world. And that first point was one I made."


        • #64
          True, I think Valve made Meld Into Pure damage not phisical, I play DK and some how meld do full damage to me


          • #65
            I think its meld damage that's messed up right now.


            • #66
              update a bit about the tests in dota1 :
              without desolater, only bonus damage is enahnced by -armor debuff.
              however if equipped with desolator, on the attack breaking invis TA's normal attack is enhanced by both -armor debuffs(meld and desolator), while bonus damage is only enhanced by meld -armor
              does this mean in dota1 meld is basically broken?
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                You should take the discussion here.


                • #68
                  TA is very very imba. very easy to win. When Im playing as TA, I win all matches. No fair. TA should be deleted or fixed.


                  • #69
                    So much emotions....

                    It is simple, the change of engine (wc3>dota2) apparently caused few noticeable changes to TA.

                    It is up to icefrog if these changes will be brought back to original, left unchanged or left with small adjustments.

                    Please keep listing any new findings that show inconsistency between TA behaviour in d1 and d2.


                    • #70
                      Just a reminder, this thread isn't for talking about how 'overpowered' TA is or how she should be balanced. This is for finding inconsistencies between TA in Dota 1 ad 2. If you want TA to be adjusted in terms of balance, direct yourself to

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