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tp dispelling ethereal blast

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  • tp dispelling ethereal blast

    if you get hit by ethereal blade you can start casting a tp to dispell ethereal blast (40% additional magic dmg and unable to attack)

    1. get hit by ethereal blade
    2. start casting tp (does not work with Boots of travel)

    result : you dispell ethereal blast , ethereal slow (80%) stays on you

    expected : you can not just use a tp to dispell a 3 sec attack disable, you dont even have to channel it, you can just instantly cancle

    other interactions with tp/bots and ethereal :
    casting tp dispells ghostsceptre
    casting boots of travel DOES NOT dispell ghostsceptre
    casting tp after using ethereal blade dispells ethereal blast on yourself
    casting boots of travel does not dispell etheral blast on yourself
    casting tp while decrepified doesnt dispell decrepify
    casting boots of travel while decrepified does not dispell decrepify

  • #2
    Back in when i Played Dota leauue in dota 1 it was a spread strategy to use Ghost Staff vs a Phisical Dmg lineup to evade
    attacks and to tp out of battle .. i remember that i used to use this alot since i played support alot and i remmber that it
    was fixed some time ago so Tp will remove the Cripple (Ghost staff ) buff upon Tp'ing ... So keeping that in mind and that
    ethereal blade has the same effect as ghost staff i am pritty sure it worcks as intended btw Ghost Staf and BoT worcked
    in dota1 after fix too ...
    I used to be a mannered player but then i took a CYKA to the knee ! ValveKnights the new name for Scrub..


    • #3
      tp cancels ethereal form, which is even stated in the tooltip and consistent with dota 1 (even the remaining slow is consistent)
      bot doesn't cancel, which is falsely stated in the tooltip, but otherwise consistent with dota 1

      no bug (other than the tooltip one)
      Last edited by Belarion; 07-21-2012, 04:42 PM.


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        I tested all the interactions you mentioned in dota 1, and it works same there.


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          Intended, closed.
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          -Check the Known Bugs List and search the forum for an existing report.
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